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Coopers Beer faces boycott for Bible Society ad
By Daily News staff
16th March 2017 - 03:43 pm

Coopers Beer is now facing a boycott here in New Zealand after the brand sponsored an Australian marriage equality debate ad.

The Wireless are reporting that five Wellington Bars and one Auckland bar have joined bars across Australia in boycotting the beer brand.

The ad, Keeping it Light, was made for the religious group the Bible Society Australia and features two conservative politicians debating the issue of marriage equality.

A number of bars across Australia have dropped the beer brand from their stock because of the partnership, with some even videoing themselves throwing their Coopers Beer stock in the rubbish.

Coopers Beer has now issued an apology for their part in the ad and Director of Corporate Affairs Melanie Cooper says the company supports marriage equality.

“Offence has been taken by our recent involvement, for which we are deeply sorry.”

She went on to say “We have consequently cancelled the release of our Bible Society commemorative cans and will be taking steps to show further support for our community, including joining Marriage Equality Australia.”

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