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Saturday 27 May 2017

Art or hate?

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By staff - 5th October 2011


Are the Big Day Out bound group known as "Odd Future" a collective of groundbreaking hip hop geniuses, or a bunch of arrogant, homophobic and women hating youngsters? There are two clear camps on this group, so we've put together a selection of their lyrics and a snapshot of their music so you can decide for yourself which camp you want to join.

Orange Juice
So I'm guessin' there's questions that need adressin' huh?
Like how we fresh in our adolescence and wreckin' em.
Hear new tracks, he destined to make a mess of em,
Snappin' necks and records in matter of seconds check em son.
Lost an erection and found it in an aggressive nun.
Fuckin' chin-checkin punks 'til he's out of breath and done,
No affection, he's doper than cess sessions son
Chillin' for a while on a pile of the rest of em.
Let the crowd choose who can fuckin' last longer,
it's the rap monger, rap monster Earl Sweat attack, conquer.
Lose least, niggas lost like the last blanca chica that we picked up at the last concert,
Please, get out ya seat, get out ya seat, verses written with scalpels,
he's the junior king standin' out shoutin' on the balcony,
How come he's not in counseling? Fucker's loud while he's sound asleep
Heard he was dope as Sour D. Nigga was courage cowardly?
State Gold, alchemy, nigga we rap's Alpha Team,
Mr. Teen and Mr. T with a mouth full of powder and a nose full of chowder,
he's chopping up all the doubters, see now watch him count the bodies like bitches be countin' calories
Fuck with the wolves we startin' to bark viciously,
Catch us in a pile of bodies where dead bitches be,
Box logo hoodies and goodies from buddies that understand that bastard was buzzin like Woody so we get it for free.
Had to duct tape the mother goose the mask was off,
I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill jack me off,
Harder than my dick when Taylor Swift is in my basement,
Cause I've been doin' this since proof fucked Christopher Robinson.
Wolf Gang knitted on my cotton like some smelly, dirty, rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin.
Do not give a fuck I've got the swagger of a virgin's dick,
but if I did it would be bigger than Earl's upper lip,
Sip sizzurp, Su-preme on my shizzirt,
I munch a bunch of tacos with Waverly's favorite wizard,
The favorite nigger turned into Freddy Kruger,
And this that raw shit, dead bodies chopped up in the sewer.
From the palms of Jeffrey Dahmer, baby mamas said the kicks,
Beat like the brown lip balm that was made for Rihanna,
All you fuckin' bloggin' faggots yappin' up that extra shit,
I'll shove Bastard down your throat, regurgitate my excrement,
Them two dope boys is fairies they're Peter like boysenberries,
Meet the scary, turn his white ass to a Jim Carry twin,
A fuckin' sausage fest will them shaky niggas get married then,
two dope boys don't want beef, they're just overweight vegitarians

Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, throwing chairs, killing shit
I'm half privileged, think white and have nigger lips
A tad different, mad smart, act ignorant
Shit, I'll pass the class when my dad starts giving shits
But as long as our relationship is turdless
I'mma keep burning rubber and fucking these beats with burnt dick
Who that? Oh, that new coon John Cusack
A Mecca button-up, shoutin' bring Fubu back
Hands full of coke, mouth full of crack mu-zack
Odd Future on the doo-rag, guess who's back?
With no hint, we're egging with no tint
Plus there's a shotgun under the seat where your ho sits, uh
The Night Striker, I'm riding her, up-tying her
There's nine Vicodins stuck inside of the windpipes of her
A little bit of sherm sure provokes the fucking fight in her
She started biting cause I'm giving cock like it's advice to her
Take that, I'm on top like wave caps
This is grade-A rap, Domo bring that bass back, nigga

Swag Me Out
[Verse 1: Jasper]
Chillin' in class with a bag full of grass
Lookin' for a white chick to smoke up and choke up
I even got that white sniff come over here and take a whiff
Now you ready to get raped and ate by Mr. Haley
Litter Life is the gang, it's that shit that we bang
Let's play an Odd game, it's called bitch you better run
When those Odd Wolves come out
And chew you up bitch like bubble gum
Jasper's off climbin' trees with that nazist you see
Never met a nigga like me because I'm an Oddsby
Opposite of them Cosby kids
Got that Virginia Tech swag, shoot up your school and laugh, bitch

Swag me out bitch
Wolf Gang!

[Verse 2: Left Brain]
Uh, Left Brain
Swag, me, the fuck, out
'fore you get punched in your fuckin' mouth
I'mma take your bitch back to my crib
You already know my dick is gon' be in ribs
Yeah, and I like barbecue
Fuckin' with me, I'm fuckin' with you
Uh, Wolf Gang, that's the fuckin' clique
If you got a problem bitch hop on this dick
Nigga I don't want you here
So get the fuck out 'fore shoot you like a deer
Swag me out, swag me out
I don't give a fuck, swag me out
Oh oh, where the fuckin' hoes?
Hoes hoes, where the fuckin' hoes?
Hoes hoes, where the fuckin' hoes?
Where the hoes?

[Verse 3: Tyler the Creator]
You faggots yap about tokin' kush
While I deal with drug dealers and they killed a whole bush
George inside the storage if you wanna take a look
But keep your motherfuckin' daughter's mouth shushed boy
Lookin' for them white sluts who good at suckin' cat
Wolf dick black as nigga riders from the fat black bitches
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All don't give a fuck
Loiter Squad, you know where the fuck we at
Earl and Berman swervin' in the Jeep
Me and Travis in the back squirtin' Jergins on our feet
What is that? Not a penis
What the fuck is extra meat? I don't know, ask Asia
Two nazi dykes shittin' in a Synagogue
Cause that bitch lick balls from Western to Crenshaw
And her grandma suck dick down in Rimpau
And she masturbates with Vaseline and a Ken doll


[Verse 4: Hodgy Beats]
We cool like the breeze at the fuckin' beach
They told me to write a flow, I wrote a fuckin' speech
Odd Future Wolf Gang rolls fuckin' deep
Taylor Swift come around, we go fuckin' deep
She's our slut for weeks and she wash our sheets
Brush our teeth but don't make our beats
Tyler got the waffles, Devon covers bacon
2DopeBoyz got the beef, we serve filet mignon shakin'
Sour D's got me touchin' the moon
Rollin' up blunts the size of a fuckin' cocoon
Wolves roll together like some family raccoons
Tellin' you to eat an ass like a fuckin' baboon


[Verse 5: Earl Sweatshirt]
Swag me out, swag me out, Jasper get them faggots out
Snortin' coke, got the Pope yellin' who let the rabbits out
Kissin' whores and kissin' bunnies, put this horse dick in your tummy
I am on this track because that nigga Taco isn't funny
(Me and Jesus in the Humvee, Ace and Mary gettin' comfy
Jeffrey Dahmer's in the bushes with R. Kelly tryna fuck me
Steve Harvey, Kenan Thompson's plottin' how to jump me
Well fuck Steve Harvey and free Max B
Fuckin' Waterham, Hodgy's ass eat skills help eat all the Jam
Damn I'm like marmalam marmalade

[Verse 6: Mike G]
Yo motherfuck 'em if they haters, bet I'll rain on their parade
I'm that ignorant motherfucker who took your daughter on a date
Dare her to answer the phone if you call her cause she's late
Black kid on the corner sellin' drugs go figure
Syd tha Kyd, what the fuck we doin'? (Flippin' bricks nigga!)

[Verse 7: Taco]
Fuck you listenin' to this Wolf Gang reserve
Drivin' with your bitch swagged Jasper
Don't give a fuck stealin' your fuckin' purse
All I do is laugh first yeah nigga
Swag me the fuck out, Loiter Squad Bacon Boys
Nigga we take your girl, rape her in the back
Of the fuckin' Jeep, we're off squirtin' feet
We're Jurgens nigga, ultra healin'

[Verse 8: Jasper]
Yeah we're swervin' in the Jeep, while I'm rollin' up the tree
Litter Life don't give a fuck, that's why we fuckin' up the trees
Wolf bandit and land it you niggas can't stand it
Chop a bitches head off and get a pleasant nut off, bitch

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