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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Dad's gorgeous letter to gay son

Posted in: True Stories
By - 16th March 2013

When a dad overheard his son on the phone with a friend discussing his struggles to tell his parents he was gay, he left his son the "best note ever".

The message went viral after GLBT youth activism group and t-shirt maker FCKH8.composted it on its Facebook page with the message: "Dad Overhears Nervous Gay Teenage Son Talking About His Coming Out Plan... Writes His Son Best Note Ever :)"


One of the group's organisers Luke Montgomery has told Mashable that his group gets more than a dozen similar messages a day, but only post a few that really speak to them.

"You can imagine how happy we are that this father and son's story is really touching people so deeply," Montgomery says.

"We hope it sets a good example for fathers to love their kids the way they were born. The fact that it has been shared by so many sadly means this kind of acceptance is both too rare and deeply craved by LGBT people who are so used to being rejected by families."

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