Article Submissions

We’re looking for personal essays, helpful how-to guides, reviews and interviews that relate to New Zealand’s LGBTQ+ communities. These are the kinds of articles we're looking for:

Essays that reflect on personal experiences from a queer point of view

Everyone loves a good first-person essay. Your story should reflect on an idea, event or perspective that at least touches upon queerness. The most important thing is that the topic, or your particular angle, is clear and relatable.

Helpful how-to guides

Sometimes life isn't easy or straight-forward, especially for people in our communities. If you have particular expertise about how to handle something that same-sex attracted or gender non-conforming people experience, we would love to share your advice!

Cultural commentary and reviews

Want to critique the latest work by your favourite gay writer? Itching to review the new lesbian-themed play. Need to spill the tea about your RuPaul’s Drag Race addiction? We’re here to provide a platform for your opinion!

Interviews or profiles of interesting personalities and prominent figures wishes to publish informative and entertaining profiles of LGBTQ+ newsmakers, personalities, politicians, community workers, artists and performers, both established and up-and-coming. These could take the form of in-depth profiles, Q&A style interviews, or a more individualised approach.

Do You Pay?

Yep! Anywhere between $50-$75 per article.

How To Pitch

Email the editorial team at with a couple of clear and concise paragraphs about your proposed article submission.

Pitches to be sent in the bodies of emails only. Please include:

  1. A sample headline
  2. Brief description of article
  3. Why you think readers will be interested
  4. One paragraph bio about you
  5. Links to previous work (if any)