Drag Class! The Ultimate Amateur Drag Competition

  • Multiple Dates
  • Ivy Bar & Cabaret, Wellington

School is in session!

Sharpen your pencils, brandish your book bags, and get ready for a rigorous academic roster - it’s the first ever Drag Class! An intensive ten week drag show & competition, aiming to ready new performers for the modern industry. Each week the ‘classmates’ will be battling it out with a series of assignments centred around a different logistical aspect of the drag art form - from costume, to lipsync, wigs, makeup, comedy and drag history. By our Drag Class Grand Finale in week ten, the graduates will have clocked the stage time, finessed the skills, and created the costumes and acts to be ready to be booked in any context. So, who will be the teacher’s pet? Who will be our class clown? And who will be our Grand Drag Class Dux? Head on down to Ivy Bar on Tuesdays at 7.30pm to find out!

Our Class of 2020 is! Tess Tease, Jack Cristoph, Louisiana Perkins, Marsha Mellow, Brenda? Areyouintheaudience, Daya T, Ju Majin, Vixie & James Bondage, Jezebel And hosted by local gender-mess Hugo Grrrl! What assignments will dragsters be doing each week? Here’s the full lesson plan!

Tuesday August 11th, 7.30pm - COSTUME with guest judge HARIEL, Create an act in which the costume is the pivotal storytelling piece. Consider the colour, movement and shape of your look, and how costume can be used as a prop and to create a character in drag. Reveals are not necessary but encouraged. Tuesday September 1st, 7.30pm - WIGS with guest judge HARLIE LUX and guest MC Judy Virago, Create an act in which the wig/hairpiece is the pivotal storytelling piece. Consider the movement, style and how hair can be used both for characterisation and as a prop in drag. Consider how wigs can transform your proportions and complete a look.

Tuesday September 8th, 7.30pm - MAKEUP with guest judge ROBIN YABLIND, Create an act in which the makeup is the pivotal storytelling piece. Consider how makeup can change the shape of the face and be used to create a drag or cosplay character. Consider how makeup looks under stage lights and how it translates to a live audience.

Tuesday September 15th, 7.30pm - BROADWAY with guest judge PAMELA HANCOCK and guest MC Judy Virago, Create an act that honours the showbiz/broadway genre, legacy and style. Consider how the tricks of the trade of broadway (costume, dance and dramatic style of performance) can be used to entertain nightlife audiences. Live singing is not necessary but encouraged.

Tuesday September 22nd, 7.30pm - DANCE with guest judge KELLY FORNIA, Create an act in which the dance and movement is the pivotal storytelling piece. Consider how movement can express emotions, personality and stories, build energy/climax in an act, and can captivate an audience. Feel free to utilise styles of dance that are not typical to club-style drag acts.

Tuesday September 29th, 7.30pm - LIPSYNC with guest judge WILLY SMACKNTUSH and Guest MC Judy Virago, Create an act in which the lipsyncing is the pivotal storytelling piece. You’re encouraged not to use movement, costume or props. Let your face and mouth do the work for you. Remember to use your eyes and hands! Emote!

Tuesday October 6th, 7.30pm - TALENT with guest judge RACHEL ROUGE, and guest MC Judy Virago. Create an act that strongly features a talent of yours. Consider how to integrate your talent into the drag number, both thematically and practically. Consider how your talent can be used to create an act that’s impressive, entertaining and highlights you as a strong and multi-talented performer.

Tuesday October 13th, 7.30pm - COMEDY with guest judge NEIL THORNTON. Create an act that is comedic. Consider the best way to execute a punchline in an act - with voice-overs, audio-editing, props or reveals.Consider the best way to create a humorous drag character - with movement, costume, hair and makeup.

Tuesday October 20th, 7.30pm - DRAG HISTORY with guest judge JUDY VIRAGO. Create an act that honours an aspect of drag history, whether that be a person, an event, an era or piece of media. You’re encouraged not to pick something from current times, but rather something historic and/or iconic. Feel free to pick something significant to you.

Tuesday October 27th, 9pm - FINALE! With guest judges STEVEN MAWHINNEY, JUDY VIRAGO & WILLY SMACKNTUSH, and guest MC Judy Virago. Create an act that conveys who you are as a drag performer - your talents, your preferred style and ideas that are important to you. Aim to create an act that is captivating, impressive, unique, and entertaining and showcases the best of what you can do on stage. As this is the finale, a more formal/glitzy style of drag is preferred but not necessary. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your experience and growth throughout Drag Class afterwards.

Concept credit for Drag Class goes completely to Sabel Scities of Austin TX, our thanks goes out to her for her generosity in allowing us to replicate the program here.

Please note! Seating is not allocated unless a VIP ticket is purchased so make sure to arrive early to nab a good vantage point. Doors open one hour before showtime, latecomers may not be admitted, and door sales are cash only. The event space is located down stairs but please get in touch before the gig if you have any accessibility concerns so we can best help you out.

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    1. Tue 13 Oct 7:30pm–9:30pm
    2. Tue 20 Oct 7:30pm–9:30pm
    3. Tue 27 Oct 7:30pm–9:30pm
  • Cost From $7.00
  • Location Ivy Bar & Cabaret, 63 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

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