Sacred Embodiment for Gay Men. 5-Day Tantra Immersion Retreat

  • Fri, 4th Jun
Sacred Embodiment for Gay Men. 5-Day Tantra Immersion Retreat

Let’s take a breath together…. Yes, breathe!

What if we were to tell you that conscious breath has origins in tantra, a tradition of sexuality and spirituality that is thousands of years old? And that tantra can help you reach deeper levels of intimacy, self-acceptance, and fulfilment in your life?

Men! —yes, you, currently reading this—regardless of our sexuality and how we might identify as male, we hunger for meaningful experiences. Research proves we as men are struggling now more than ever: recent statistics show gay, bi, queer and questioning men have higher rates of mental health issues than the general population, including depression and suicide. Our vibrant and unapologetically diverse community is still struggling to have meaningful experiences and connections with other men—superficial, often app-driven encounters just don’t cut it. Unhealthy patterns of compulsive behaviour threaten to replace our hidden hunger and deep desire for meaningful experiences between men who love men.

A major reason for this is we have few role models or references on how as men we can love another man; there is no manual for this. Another core issue is our queer civilization has absorbed and digested a great lie: that we humans should be living from a pre-existing paradigm that puts living through the mind first. The mind is a very powerful part of who we are, but living from the mind alone has created great internal suffering and destructive behaviour because it completely ignores other vital parts of who we are: our sacred body, our emotions, our soul.

As a result, we have lost the tantric understanding that our body is intimately connected to the natural world: we have forgotten the emotional, fluid, nature of our body and spirit and how they often follow nature’s cycles, its rhythmic ebbs and flows. We have forgotten how to fully show up as men who love men. We have forgotten our authentic power as men who love men.

It's time for a revolution!

We created the “Sacred Embodiment for Gay Men” 5-Day Tantra Immersion Retreat as a pathway to deeper levels of personal and collective self-acceptance, intimacy, and reclaiming of our power. Together we will learn and explore classical and neo-Tantric tools that give us access to the meaningful experiences of embodied deep connection we truly desire.

We are men who love the spirit of another man: we were the shamans, the magicians, the witch doctors, the healers, the edge dwellers. We were recognized and honoured as the sacred truth holders beyond the polarity of male and female. By weaving the sacred with the embodied, we will begin the process of claiming and embodying the full essence of this, our birthright. We will learn how to show up for authentic love: love for oneself and others. We will learn how to experience and build conscious ecstasy in our lives, to experience authentic pleasure and desire, to embrace our sacred heritage as gay men, free from heteronormative expectations.

Sacred Embodiment for Gay Men is a first of its kind retreat in the world: a transpersonal fusion of the erotic and sacred, where we will dive deeply into unknown parts of ourselves to bring us home to our sacred essence. It’s time to stop settling for anything less than the limitless possibilities of our amazing human body and its relationship with our soul. It’s time to let go of any cultural conditioning that may prevent us from a full surrender to our embodied potential for bliss.

This retreat experience will take place in sacred and safe space, and it has the power to accelerate your personal growth and conscious evolution. It’s time for us to show up for ourselves and for the benefit of our collective queer consciousness. For the sheer bliss of the sensations. For the wonder and beauty of male bonding for its own sake. There is plenty of suffering in this world today, so join us on this retreat as we focus on pleasure, bliss, and our sacred embodiment. When we apply awareness and conscious presence in our intimacy as gay men, together we open a pathway to the sacred, to Love.

Your Facilitators, Tony Thorn and Grant Shepherd

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