Advice for people that haven’t come out yet

  • Do you have any advice for people who haven’t come out yet?

    14th May Like
  • take small steps, dont come out in one big go, small steps, but if you can handle coming out in one big go, ohh go for it! its taken me months to try come out, but finally alot know now, and next month is a year on hormones, mtf. so thats my time to tell the rest, i still havent sorted out dressing properly but now am wearing female casual clothing every day, whether just female jeans, female tshirt, female cotton underwear as dont like silky ones, those days are over anyway. hehe. umm female cardigans are nice and snug. afew months ago i was in boy mode everyday but it was because of the troubled small township that has about 3 gangs in it and shady druggies walking past everyday, sorry if offended anyone whos into that but am just saying im very afraid of them.

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