Ban of Poppers - wtaf <insert sad & pissed off emoji>

  • 1 month ago itsdarkinhere

    OMG - I've just found out that they've banned the sales of poppers/amyl in NZ sex shops - like just before lockdown?!?!?!?

    From what i've read, Medsafe have said that alkyl nitrates (which includes isopropyl nitrate) are now scheduled as prescription medicines. WHAAAATTTTTTTTT??? So, does that mean, i need to go to my doc, tell my doc I've got an urge to get off, ask for a script for poppers and get it dispensed at the pharmacy!!! Huh???

    Anybody out there know more about what's happening with this as it just seems absolutely crazy!!!

    Or, anybody know where poppers may still be able to be purchased (as stockists MUST be having to clear stock)?

    Have a nice day - without amyl!

  • 1 month ago drewdeakin

    I believe there's a petition to try and reverse the ban as it creates barriers for people who want to access it

    Petition can be found here: