Emigrating to NZ... How do I make friends?

  • Jun '20

    My name is Posey; I've lived in the states all my life. I wanted change and to get out. My mum and I decided that NZ would be a delightful place to relocate..However..I have no idea on where to even begin on making friends. I've taken to the only LGBT website that wasn't a dating site to try and reach out to see if anyone was interested in maybe trading instas ??? IDK, I'm just a frightened bean, about to leave my horrid past behind and start anew.... anyway, even if no one hits me up, thanks for listening ! stress intensifies

  • Jun '20
    GayNZ Team

    Kia ora WolfLettuce.

    When you get to New Zealand, if you're under 25, you can try Rainbow Youth who has a number of social groups. Of if you are older, there are a number of social groups for a few regions on facebook that we can link too if you want 🙂

  • Jun '20

    I'd also suggest Facebook.