Hi i have question

  • Ciao, My name is Mario, and i love New Zeland, for a long time now I have seen more and more photos of your incredible Country. It seems to me a very quiet reality as I like it. At 29 I would like to think about it before leaving my state, also because it would be a definitive choice where I would like to create a family. What do you think, do you recommend moving me?

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  • Hello Italian91, you might want to wait till the COVID-19 pandemic is over as currently, our borders are closed. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have about wonderful New Zealand!

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  • Is it difficult to find work? I would like tranquility and find a mate. Thk

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  • Hello Italian91. It depends on what you’re qualified to do. There are jobs boards such as Seek (www.seek.co.nz) and TradeMe (www.trademe.co.nz) which you can have a look at.

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  • Hey Italian91!

    There are the usual apps that you can use like Grindr, Scruff, Tinder and Bumble (they seem to be the most popular in New Zealand). Otherwise there are a number of dating websites, but people typical stick to the apps.

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  • Hello! I trans woman. I live in Russia, but a want emigrate to NZ. Because Russia transform into a totalitarian country where lgbt - peoples are second-class citizens. What is the opportunity for people on a visitor visa to buy estrogen in your country? Thanks!

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