How gay friendly is New Zealand?

  • Mar '20

    I am considering moving to New Zealand in the next few years. I have been to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

    I know the New Zealand legislature is inviting homosexuals to join and has awesome gay rights. I would naturally accept that its residents feel similar?

    What about gay life? Can two men or two women hold hands tightly? By the way, I am a private individual, but at the same time, I also realize that I am in a territory, so it will feel good to be who I am. Also, sooner or later I would like to build a family. Whether there is no one or an accomplice. How is it in New Zealand?

  • Mar '20
    GayNZ Team

    Kia ora!

    New Zealand is a pretty progressive country (as you have mentioned), but there are still pockets of homophobia that pop up now and then. And depending on where you decide to live in New Zealand and who you have to contact to get help, you might find mixed responses.

    Same sex couples are feeling more confident to hold hands in public and I believe there's less stigma around same sex parents who want to have children, but I can't fully answer this question.