How you came out

  • How did you come out to about being gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, non-binary, bi or queer?

    Did you talk with your parents or friends? Was your sexuality a surprise to them or was it something they had known long before you were ready to share it with them?

    Was it a positive experience for you? How did your friends and family react?

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  • I never really came out to my parents, I guess they already knew or discovered it. It properly didn't help that I was working at the local gay bar and my mum showed up.

    I was pretty 'selective' of who I came out to with friends. It was very much a 'need-to-know' basis. Being at an all boys high school, being closeted was the best option. The brave few guys who did come out weren't support by the school and the bullying was shit.

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  • I really struggled coming out because I couldn’t accept how I really wanted to be. I was with a close friend and were just chilling at their place one day when I told her that I had something to say, and I told her that I was gay. She hugged me and didn’t make a big deal about it.

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  • naww thats neat, good on yous, congrats, yeah i came out in small steps, as trans, people look at me and probably still see me just as a crossdresser, but am now on hormones and yip they growing, am probably a b-cup now, but yeah can see that they probably just think im a crossdressing guy, well never-mind what they think, so be it, will move on. but the hormones are slowly changing me. endo said there might not be any surprises because am aged. but at least got accepted on hrt mtf. as thought wouldnt be allowed on them but got the right endo. thankyou. anyway am getting into the sweat with pride next month as have to trim down more and tone. last year was 104kg, am now about 84kg. plan to aim for 70-75kg by end of june!

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