Transition in new zealand

  • Hello! I trans woman. I live in Russia, but a want emigrate to NZ. Because Russia transform into a totalitarian country where lgbt - peoples are second-class citizens. What is the opportunity for people on a visitor visa to buy estrogen in your country? Thanks!

    PS First, I wrote this text in the "Hi, I have a question" topic. Then I decided to create a separate topic, since my question has a different topic.


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  • I don't think you can just buy it. You would need to see a doctor, or at least a specialist in order to get a prescription (which won't be cheap if you're visiting), and then pay for it at a pharmacy.

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  • It isn't cheap (I'm a trans man who moved from the USA to NZ) but doctors here aren't allowed to keep you from transitioning. You would be safer here, even if it isn't perfect and should be able to transition in peace.

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