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  • Kia ora!

    Welcome to the GayNZ.com Community! There are so many awesome people on this forum that we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you - yes you - are!

    23rd March 2020 Like
  • Hey!

    So I'm Drew, I use he/him pronouns and I look after the GayNZ.com domain.

    My vision for why I'm here to create a hub of the LGBTQ+ community in New Zealand. And I can't do it alone :D

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  • Hi Drew, I'm Olivier, a future newcomer in NZ, as I'll have a contract there when I'm done with the one I have now in Russia. I was wondering about how the gay community looks like there, as, well, I'd like to take part in it! My pronouns are he/him.

    1st April 2020 Like
  • Kia ora Olivier

    The gay community in New Zealand is pretty accepting in the larger cities, sadly there will always be small areas of homophobia that pop up now and then.

    What part of New Zealand will you be moving too?

    2nd April 2020 Like
  • Kia ora I'm a long term New Zealander - 5 generations. I'm a bit fluid on gender pronouns.

    I remember the GayNZ forum from back in the day and was intrigued to see it re-start. Your idea Drew? Would you like some promotion in LGBTQ community groups I belong to in Facebook? K

    29th July Like
  • Hey K! 👋🏻

    Yeah, I wanted a place other than FB to allow people to connect.

    That would be really awesome if you could

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  • Hi waz here , from London originally . I’m gay and friendly and wanted to help people get fit online. Anyone interested ? Have pics before and after too

    7th September Like
  • hi, am zanita lee, (dressup name) formerly sal lun :). i am trying to learn drag and did my first ever drag appearance at whanganui pride party 2020, totally loved it, even though froze up infront of everyone but moving around the crowd inbetween lip-synching really helped me get over that. i am now been on hormones 6months male to female. and am slowly losing weight to get fit again. am down to 90kg from 104kg. and plan to get down to 83-85kg within 2weeks time for vinegar hill - as could be preforming there possibly in group, fingers crossed, but might have family coming which will cut my stay at vinegar hill short. am trying to make new friends in the pride/.lgbt community as i now dont blend in well with the straight crowd anymore and would prefer to be with a likeminded friends to belong. Could be performing at auckland pride march party next year, only as a beginner and also palmy pride next year, but yes is just in the air at the moment and will know closer to the time. anyway please say hi!

    30th November Like
  • Kia ora zanita46, welcome to the forums! Good luck on your journey and weight loss goals.

    I've always enjoyed the few times I've been at Vinegar Hill, such a great community that pops up over Christmas and New Years.

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  • Hey zanita!

    Might see you at vinegar hill!

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