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  • I am Muirén Ní Sídach, She, Her Teknomage, Storyteller, Maker, Cooperative Enterprise and Product Architect, Advocate for Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology.

    If I can help support this forum with time and talent I would be happy to contribute SysAdmin and Hosting services, as well as writing and graphics.

    Contrary to what Americans tell themselves, it is not the most accepting or supportive nation on earth if Queer folk by a long shot. In fact, I am so exhausted from putting down roots only to later discover I have no future.

    Though I have had the misfortune of first meeting Kiwi who are racist, homophobic, transphobic, I know they do not speak for the majority of New Zealand society, and so it is on my very short research list for an LGBTQ PoC accepting home.

    The central focus of my life is a commitment to founding an Intentional Community, that while open to all, has a special mission to affirm and engender self-sufficient, resilient, creative fulfilling LGBTQ lives.

    A summary of the proposed community can be studied in the community databased of the Foundation for Intentional Community https://www.ic.org/directory/assa-coop/ or its central website https://solas.si

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  • ı'm serkan, 20 years old gay from istanbul turkey

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  • Hello!

    My name is Nia. I’m from America. And I’m trying to buy Pepin Island and turn 10% of it into livable space for 1,500 homeless LGBTQ people living in NZ. Refugees included. Maori included! But I need financial support as I am formerly homeless myself. But I’m thinking about building 6-8 blocks where we build up and on top of each other to maximize space and limit our footprint. And we can build our organic farms into the hills. Unfortunately, I’m extremely poor. And suffer from frequent houselessness myself. But last year the NZ gov promised 10,000 homes for the homeless. My plan is to deliver 1,500 of those homes on Pepin Island, using only 10% of the space to create the new community. And 5-10% more would be organic farms. With 80 % of the island left off limits as a nature reserve. Tourism would be capped so as to limit the human footprint. The island would be completely green. And would have a hospital that serves all of Cable Bay. But this hospital (Pride Island General Hospital) would have a wing dedicated to transgender care. It would train surgeons in NZ in gender confirming surgeries. And would prescribe hormones. NZ trans people NEED this hospital. And 1,500 lgbtq people can get off the streets! They would elect their own mayor. Have their own city hall. Fire dept. etc. Have their streets all named after LGBTQ global icons. We could have two parks. One, a pink stone triangle in front of city hall. Pink Park. And one park left green. Stonewall Park. Or whatever! It would be like gay disneyland! I’m dreaming of a place where we’re the majority for once. Where we can build a town that is automatically the most queer friendly in the world. By us, for us. No place could compete. And we can live harmoniously with the environment. And best of all, we would’ve built this city for our most vulnerable population. I haven’t started a crowdfunding campaign yet. But I’m wondering if this is something you’d all be interested in? I was referred by PM Ardern’s office to Hon. Stuart Nash of the Ministry Of Housing And Urban Development. No word yet. Press him on getting the government to invest in not only purchasing Pepin Island away from a wealthy privileged individual, but preserving the island, while housing 1,500 homeless LGBTQ people. It could take years to complete. But once it’s done. We would’ve created a queer paradise. And light tourism, along with local curiosity, can allow businesses there to thrive, and their employees would mostly be the formerly homeless. We can do multiple levels of good here. I’m unfortunately completely on my own on this. Is NZ interested? Because all we gotta do is secure the NZ$13M for purchase of the island. We can do this collectively. Then once we have the island we can return it to the people by giving it to the government for public use according to the plan we’ve contractually set forth. Who’s with me?? Go tell Mr. Nash. Give him an earful of this idea.


    Love you all!


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  • Kia ora Nia. Have you seen the work that’s being done by RainbowYOUTH in Auckland? I know it’s only youth in Auckland, but it’s a start. Rather than a whole “island”. You’d possibly be lifting a lot of people out of their existing communities and networks by moving them. Which may not be what they need.

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  • I wouldn't want to be suck on an island with only the LGBTQ community on it and then also be treated like a zoo animal when the straights visit. Sorry. I do agree with trans people needing better healthcare, but we might see that in the new DBH structure. Good luck with your idea tho

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  • naww yes chattykiwi, cme say hi, il probably be there in a motorhome this time, it might be in a big green half horse transportation/half motorhome bus with about 18 tyres on it, but am looking at 2 other motorhomes too so not sure yet which one, you'll hear me tooting out while driving in or out. hehe. :). if i can get it by end of next month depending on how the house sale goes, fingers crossed.

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  • Hello! My name is Ray(i am not comfortable sharing my dead name) i use they/them pronouns and i am asexual i hope i can meet nice people on here :]

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