Heroic Garden Director steps down

From GayNZ Team, 16 February 2019

Director of The Heroic Gardens Festival, Geoffrey Marshall is stepping away from the role after this year after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

The Heroic Garden Festival has been going for 23 years, opening the gates to some of Auckland's most beautiful private gardens to ticket-holders. A major feature of the festival is that the owners and creators of the gardens are present for visitors to talk to and answer questions.

With Mr Marshall stepping down, the festival won't continue after this year.

The Heroic Garden Festival has raised $1.2 million for local charities since it’s inception. This year, proceeds from the festival go to support Mercy Hospice.

Despite his diagnosis, he told The AM Show on Monday he doesn't fear death, "No. I'm not scared of dying; it worries me not at all."

Holding back tears, he said he does fear to say goodbye to his partner, "The only worry I have about dying is leaving my partner here all alone.