Illustrated LGBTQ children's book reaches half way point

From GayNZ Team, 12 March 2019

The fundraising campaign for Raven Wild, the third LGBTQ+ children's book from the Wellington-based creators of Promised Land and Maiden Voyage have reached $20,000NZD of the $40,000 goal.

In Raven Wild, a young boy called Hawk transitions into a courageous young woman called Raven. When she rescues an injured bird from an evil poacher, Raven learns of his plan to steal a powerful gem with the power to control all creatures great and small. On a dangerous jungle quest to stop him and save a kingdom of animals, a childhood friendship soon transforms into love.

"This collaboration with trans co-author Caitlin Spice is part of our aim to include more underrepresented LGBTQ+ identities in the Promised Land Tales universe," said co-founder Adam Reynolds.

"With trans rights under threat and relentless negative media coverage here and overseas, it's more important than ever for positive representation of trans people to exist," said co-founder Chaz Harris.

"I want trans kids to have a role model that shows them they're worthy of love in a world that continues to say they're not," adds co-author Caitlin Spice. "To tell a story in the Promised Land Tales universe - where all are equal - was an exciting opportunity. As a fan of the first two books, I'm thrilled to be part of the team bringing Raven Wild to life."

If successful, Raven Wild is expected to be released in June 2020. The funding campaign ends on 16 April and can be supported on Kickstarter here.