Opinion: Faint Buzzing Noises

From Craig Young, 7 April 2019

With antibullying legislation and policies as the last barrier before full formal equality for lesbians and gay men, the latter only need await a more amenable coalition arrangement. In the case of the transgender community, Justice Minister Andrew Little has signalled that trans-inclusive antidiscrimination laws are on the way, and official document reform has been delayed, not cancelled altogether.

With recreational cannabis and euthanasia referenda due in 2020, even Family First has had to accord priority attention to those issues, although it does strive to engage in rearguard mischief making over transgender student inclusion within schools, but given bipartisan social liberalism on that issue, it has had no success in effective obstruction of that policy initiative, begun when Hekia Parata was Education Minister under the Key administration. Hopefully, this will be the last gasp of the rearguard anti-LGBT agenda, given that the aforementioned 'other' issues take precedence.

Meanwhile, the "New" Conservative Party has miscued again, babbling about the UN Compact on Migration, which even the National Party has decided it doesn't oppose anymore. Despite occassional attention-grabbing media releases against transgender rights, though, it has largely abandoned opposing LGBT issues. In the background, there are sporadic bursts of activity from the Society for Promotion of Community Standards (Upper Hutt/Kapiti) and Family Life International (Auckland).

We appear becalmed. There is little newsworthy currently happening on the LGBT legislative reform front, although the processes of background policy analysis and legislative design may be occurring behind the scenes. Several years ago, I predicted this would happen- euthanasia and drugs have now taken precedence over other than vestigial and increasingly faint opposition to LGBT concerns. Soon, even that vestigial opposition may vanish altogetherpdiv>