In the beautiful south island of New Zealand sits Canterbury. A region known for its grassy fields, blue lakes and snow-capped mountains. In the region of Canterbury is Christchurch. A fun and an ebullient place known as the garden city of NZ.

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Surrounded by natural beauty, Christchurch is being rebuilt after the 2011 earthquakes that destroyed much of the city's infrastructure. Despite the destruction and disruption the earthquake did to Christchurch, with many gay clubs and bars being damaged, there still resides a small but mightly gay Christchurch scene that can be found in certain venues across the city.

With the many changes the region has gone through over the years, the rainbow community are finding new venues that they feel just as comfortable occupying, making the city an up and coming destination for the gay community.

With plenty of speakeasy bars, friendly local cafes and top-notch foodie spots, Christchurch offers a diverse range of experiences.

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