Posted: 25th January 2015

This award-winning flick from 1994 follows the growing pains of teenage Trevor who is struggling to fit in at school and whose homophobic parents seem incapable of understanding his troubled soul.

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 "Get involved" urges Pride Fest Director
Posted: 24th January 2015
The Director of next month's Auckland Pride Festival hopes people from across a wide range of cultures will get involved, and own it.

 Guide to the LYC Big Gay Out 2015
Posted: 23rd January 2015
The much-loved community event returns to Coyle Park in Pt Chevalier, Auckland, on Sunday 8 February from midday to 7pm. Free entry.

 Taane's Pride
Posted: 22nd January 2015
A breath-taking fusion of the work of three of our community’s most loved and revered artists will open this year’s Pride Gala.

 Auckland Pride Parade needs you!
Posted: 20th January 2015
Volunteers are being sought for a range of roles in next month’s Auckland Pride Parade, from people who can help with float construction to marshals - who get some of the best views on Ponsonby Rd.

The divas of the Love Parade
Short Film Sunday: Queer Selfies
Jac Lynch's Butch on Butch exhibition
New Anika Moa track: Running

Russell T Davies' Cucumber, Banana, Tofu
Posted: 21st January 2015
The creator of the original UK version of Queer As Folk is turning heads with three shows all premiering in Britain this week.

Ellen: I am not "married", I am married
Gay Atlanta dads ad is all kinds of adorable

I'm not trans but I suffer similar experience as they do 24 Jan 15, 07:39:pm
any support network in Dunedin city 24 Jan 15, 04:35:pm
Sperm Donor Wanted 23 Jan 15, 12:06:pm
Transgender wellbeing research 22 Jan 15, 09:23:pm
Keeping a secret 09 Jan 15, 10:36:pm
Recent death echoes David McNee 02 Jan 15, 06:47:pm
"Pray the gay away" isn't only for christians ... 28 Dec 14, 10:09:pm
Israeli apologists wants gay men and women to support their war on Palestinians 27 Dec 14, 12:02:pm

Review: A Life of Unlearning
Posted: 14th January 2015
A Life of Unlearning tells the story of man's rise to prominence in the evangelical Christian movement, and then a realisation in middle age that his sexuality was something he could no longer suppress.

Religious freedom, but at what price?
Big Splash at GABA’s charity auction

Jac Lynch's Butch on Butch exhibition
Posted: 17th January 2015
Jac Lynch’s exhibition Butch on Butch pays tribute to those whose masculinity defies social and gender norms.

Know Your Roots: Fa'afafine
Quick Q&A with the Hamilton Pride team

Matt Bomer's Globes acceptance speech
Posted: 13th January 2015
In gay actor Matt Bomer’s Golden Globes acceptance speech he stated "we love you, we remember you" to those lost to HIV/AIDS.

The biggest HIV/AIDS research breakthroughs of 2014
The NZAF's Christmas message

France's Other Nightmare: The French National Front
Posted: 23rd January 2015
The Christian Right is not the only problem many LGBT Europeans have to face. Look at France's National Front, for example, writes Craig Young.

Blasphemy, Censorship and LGBT Rights
Craig Young's top 10 politics and religion stories of 2014

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