Posted: 2nd March 2015

Three contributors outline their highlights from the 2015 Auckland Pride Festival: Fine Fatale's Freak Show, Mika's Room 1334, the Pride Parade, the Big Gay Out and more.

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 Miss Drag Pride: Dakota Vegas
Posted: 2nd March 2015
Dakota Vegas has won the tough Miss Drag Pride competition at Auckland's Family Bar. She tells us how she started out, wanting to bring something different to the NZ drag scene.

 Christchurch Pride: 2015 guide
Posted: 2nd March 2015
Christchurch Pride is on the way this month and includes a massive range of events: from ice skating, coffee with bears and a celebration of vegetarian food - to parties galore.

 Rudo & Joydah's Piha Ceremony
Posted: 1st March 2015
Rudo and Joydah married in Piha in a ceremony which reflected their openness, creativeness, culture differences.

 Proud 'Gods and Monsters' line-up
Posted: 28th February 2015
The full line-up for the Auckland Pride Festival closing party - the DJs begin at 9pm and the entertainment at 11pm at the Victoria Park complex.

Comment: Pride
Review: GALS Pride Festival concert
Dr Jared Mackley-Crump: Conversations we need to have
The Curtain Falls: Final Defeat of the Manukau Anti-Sexworker Bill

Celebration of love: A Pride Parade video
Posted: 24th February 2015
Tanya's video take on the Auckland Pride Parade, in which she includes "words that show how I feel about being gay today".

Humans of Big Gay Out
Watch: advice from gay and lesbian seniors

anyone keen on marriage of convinience???? 19 Feb 15, 09:44:pm
sexual orientation 15 Feb 15, 06:03:pm
HIV Testing tent at Big Gay Out 09 Feb 15, 03:29:pm
Slide and Negative service 07 Feb 15, 07:59:am
RAINBOW? 05 Feb 15, 12:48:pm
I'm not trans but I suffer similar experience as they do 24 Jan 15, 07:39:pm
any support network in Dunedin city 24 Jan 15, 04:35:pm
Sperm Donor Wanted 23 Jan 15, 12:06:pm

Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Posted: 12th February 2015
Stutterpop is a strange, yet compelling combination of stuttering and pop. Think “The King’s Speech” crossed with Nicki Minaj. It may sound bizarre, but that’s the point.

Review: A Life of Unlearning
Religious freedom, but at what price?

Comment: Gay Privilege
Posted: 24th February 2015
"I hear you. Loud and clear, I hear your struggles and marginalization from society as a whole and those whom you should be able to call 'family'," writes Robbie van Dijk.

A witness account of the Pride protest
Editorial: A Pride Parade to remember

Survivors of 80s AIDS crisis share stories
Posted: 6th February 2015
From the role of lesbians to the vanishing of whole neighborhoods, real LGBTI people share their experiences.

A thank you from Jonathan Smith
Matt Bomer's Globes acceptance speech

Natural Law: Homophobia's Iron Curtain
Posted: 22nd February 2015
I used to review anti-gay literature regularly in this column and its predecessors, but as with Christian Right antigay initiatives itself, the despicable genre seems to be dying. Why is this?

The Vanished "Ruins" of "Sodom"
The Deluge Arrives
Conspiratoria Nullia?

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