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Monday 22 September 2014

 Election 2014: Dark clouds and silver linings
Posted in: Comment, Features  21st September 2014
To say last night's New Zealand general election took many political commentators by surprise is an understatement. Craig Young tries to make sense of what happened.

 Election 2014: What does it all mean?
Posted in: Features  21st September 2014
The left has been dealt a stinging blow, with National romping to an easy victory. There are plenty of side notes too: Winston Peters has an entourage, there are lots of new MPs we don’t know much about, plenty of allies, and the loss of Maryan Street.

 Election 2014: Lgbti candidates
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
Lgbti candidates are standing from Whangarei to Southland this election, and the range is not only geographically wide.

 Lgbti election guide
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
While there are many issues which are bound to impact your vote this election, we take a look at parties’ records on lgbti issues, and what you can expect if they have significant influence.

 Election 2014 live
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
Fewer gay MPs and Parliament loses a powerhouse lesbian, Conservatives out in the cold, and drama, drama, drama... read how election night unfolded through glbti eyes!

 Blighted oranges: More lessons from Australia
Posted in: Comment  19th September 2014
Craig Young says conservative Christian microparties are highly irresponsible, sectional and fractious organisations and shouldn't be entrusted with mainstream political power.

 Candidate Q&A: Maddy Drew
Posted in: Features  19th September 2014
Queer 32-year-old public servant Maddy Drew is standing for the Green Party in Otaki. She answers our candidate Q&A.

 Comment: Fear of a green planet?
Posted in: Comment  18th September 2014
Why are the National Party so hell-bent on alienating the environmental movement and could it cost them a prolonged period in the political wilderness?

 Obituary: Ian Paisley (1926-2014)
Posted in: Comment  14th September 2014
Ian Paisley, former leader of the anti-gay Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, has died from cardiovascular complications at eighty-eight. Craig Young reviews his controversial life and political career.

 Comment: (Not Sweet At All) Charity
Posted in: Comment  13th September 2014
The Supreme Court has overturned a string of decisions at lower jurisdictions; in this case, related to Greenpeace and its exclusion from the Charities Act 2004. As Family First was also excluded, what does this now mean?

 "Why is it so important to vote?"
Posted in: Features  13th September 2014
We asked a range of people a simple question, ‘why is it so important to vote?’ A week from Election Day, they share their thoughts on why your voice matters.

 Steve Taylor and the Name Suppression Debate
Posted in: Comment  10th September 2014
Just when the Conservative Party might slither over the five percent threshold, is it going to be wrongfooted by one of its own candidates?

 Unmasking the Conservative Party?
Posted in: Comment  3rd September 2014
One troubling 3 News opinion poll had the Conservative Party within distance of MMP's five percent threshold. There are some things voters needs to know about Colin Craig and his entourage.

 Comment: The Fall of Judith Collins
Posted in: Comment  30th August 2014
Judith Collins has resigned her portfolio ... What are the implications of her spectacular fall from grace?

 "Discrimination based on who you have sex with"
Posted in: Politics and Religion, Features  30th August 2014
Gay ACT candidate Stephen Berry says homosexuality's so acceptable as to hardly be an issue - and the "abominable term" Rainbow Community "conjures up images of butch women, drag queens and sweaty shirtless men grinding together in a group".