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Thursday 23 February 2017

 Ask the US Christian Right First?!
Posted in: Comment  21st February 2017
Once again, Family First is trying desperately to draw attention to its failed imported campaign against transgender school student privacy, safety and health.

 Election 2017: What Should Our Priorities Be?
Posted in: Comment  13th February 2017
Prime Minister Bill English has now officially acknowledged that the forthcoming New Zealand election will be held on September 23, 2017. What should New Zealand LGBTI priorities be?

 Quacking Noises: Family First and Transgender Suicide
Posted in: Comment  12th February 2017
Conservative pressure group Family First has once again been caught 'cherry picking' when it comes to LGBT social and political issues. It is now claiming that transgender suicide is a 'myth.'

 Chad Goes Backward
Posted in: Comment  4th February 2017
Chad has now criminalised homosexuality, despite not having done so during its (French) colonial era. What led to this setback?

 Ominous signs in France
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2017
France has elections this year. Prospects don't seem good for the incumbent centre-left government.... and what about the National Front?

 Transgender Prisoners: The United Kingdom Acts
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2017
The UK Prisons and Probation Ombudsman has published a damning report on transgender prisoner safety. What lessons does it have for NZ?

 Obituary: Eddie Long (1953-2017)
Posted in: Features  16th January 2017
The death of Brian Tamaki's fundamentalist 'overseer', Eddie Long, raises questions about the future of Destiny Church.

 Late Autumn, Zimbabwe
Posted in: Politics and Religion  15th January 2017
Is Zimbabwean tyrant and toxic homophobe Robert Mugabe, 92, about to die? If so, what happens to the country he has misgoverned for thirty years?

 Death by Incremental Faction Fights?
Posted in: Comment  15th January 2017
An Australian conservative Liberal Senator is disgruntled at the Turnbull administration and is reportedly intent on forming yet another right-wing 'conservative' party.

 Is Canada delaying the inevitable?
Posted in: Comment  13th January 2017
Why is the Canadian Christian Right continuing its last spiteful display of venom against a bill which will add gender identity and gender expression to its Human Rights Act?

 The (General Election) Year Ahead
Posted in: Comment  10th January 2017
This is general election year. With trans, school, health and youth issues needing much more attention and commitment what might our political landscape become?

 Persecution Complex?
Posted in: Comment  5th January 2017
Why do conservative Christians believe themselves "persecuted", instead of persecutors?

 Top 12 2016 World Politics and Religion Stories
Posted in: Features  22nd December 2016
Politics and religion impact directly, and sometimes viciously, on the lives of most glbti people around the world. Craig Young guides you through the best and worst of 2016.

 Cabinet Varnish?
Posted in: Politics and Religion  21st December 2016
New Prime Minister Bill English has announced his new Cabinet. Are there any surprises and should we be concerned about the promotions or demotions?

 No Pride in Prisons: Life at the Cutting Edge
Posted in: Comment  16th December 2016
No Pride in Prisons attracts both praise and condemnation from within our LGBT communities. So, what is their perspective on LGBT life in contemporary Aotearoa and what challenges await it in the future?