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Tuesday 26 May 2015

 In-Trans-Sigent: The Key administration and Transgender Rights
Posted in: Comment  20th May 2015
Craig Young asks, how do LGBT New Zealanders get the general public to support transgender rights concerns?

 Open letter to Jonathan Coleman
Posted in: Features  20th May 2015
Trans woman Diane Sparkes has written to Health Minister Jonathan Coleman, who she says like every other cisgender person in New Zealand "has never had to walk in our shoes".

 Jan Logie: "Nutty" talk causing more harm
Posted in: Features  20th May 2015
Green MP and transgender advocate Jan Logie is disgusted at the Health Minister describing free access to gender reassignment surgery as a “nutty idea”.

 Designing a new flag: the rainbow contenders
Posted in: Features  19th May 2015
Among the more than 1,200 submissions, we’ve found a few budding designers who think we should add a dash of rainbow to our national ensign.

 Comment: Don't Stop Hillary
Posted in: Comment  14th May 2015
It looks as if Hillary Rodham Clinton will end up winning the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016 and may well end up as the United States' first female President.

 Comment: Uncertain Trajectories?
Posted in: Comment  9th May 2015
Well, the British election is over, with some surprising outcomes. What does it all mean for the British LGBT communities?

 On the cusp of history: Kevin Hague
Posted in: Features  4th May 2015
If his tilt for the Green Party co-leadership is successful, Kevin Hague will become the first ever openly-gay leader of a major NZ political party.

 Stark Dichotomy: The SNP and Northern Ireland LGBT manifestos
Posted in: Comment  4th May 2015
Given that it may hold the balance of power and go into coalition with Labour despite Ed Miliband's statements to the contrary, what does the Scottish Nationalist Party say about LGBT issues within its manifesto? And what about Northern Ireland's political parties?

 UKIP: News from the Far Right
Posted in: Comment  30th April 2015
The far right United Kingdom Independence Party tends to attract those who would have once stood for the Conservatives, before the latter asserted quality control over candidate selection.

 British Elections 2015: An LGBT Perspective
Posted in: Comment  22nd April 2015
After the first month of British general election campaigning, what LGBT issues have emerged from the ongoing intensive debates between prime ministerial and parliamentary candidates? Craig Young takes a look.

 A Rainbow of Manifestos!
Posted in: Comment  17th April 2015
Craig Young was somewhat surprised to see that British political parties still produce election manifestos.

 Ballot Boxing
Posted in: Comment  8th April 2015
Nigeria, Northland and New South Wales went to the polls recently. How were LGBT interests dealt with in each jurisdiction?

 Pride protest and learning from the past
Posted in: Politics and Religion  4th April 2015
Time to get real about the past and move forward, many will say we are doing that already, but do we understand our history enough to do that?

 Louisa Wall at #BeingLGBTI in Asia
Posted in: Features  3rd April 2015
Labour MP Louisa Wall at the #BeingLGBTI in Asia Regional Dialogue with the message that “all LGBTI people are human beings, so LGBTI rights are human rights.”

 UK: Heisenberg's Election?
Posted in: Comment  2nd April 2015
In the United Kingdom, the next general election will be held in a month's time. Who will win? Good question. And what will the consequences be for Great Britain's LGBT population?