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Wednesday 07 December 2016

 From the Big Gay Disco protest
Posted in: Politics and Religion  7th December 2016
Fun and games abound as Destiny Church and anti-intolerance protesters face off in a friendly but very determined way at the church's South Auckland megaplex.

 Off Key
Posted in: Comment, Features  5th December 2016
Craig Young looks back at John Key's political career legacy through lgbti eyes and ponders the nature of his possible replacements.

 Obituary: Fidel Castro: 1926-2016
Posted in: Comment  4th December 2016
Fidel Castro, whose cremated remains will be buried today, was a figure lionised by the far left, but LGBT communities have good reason to feel ambivalent about his death.

 Party of the Living Dead
Posted in: Comment  28th November 2016
The Conservative Party has just posted out another newsletter to its remaining followers. Why? After Williams versus Craig, what reason is there left?

 Not Quite "Post-Truth"
Posted in: Comment  25th November 2016
I've been aware of the term 'post-truth' for quite some time. How applicable is it to LGBTI legislative reform and public policy debates?

 Brian's Pathetic Fallacy
Posted in: Comment  21st November 2016

 A Losing Proposition
Posted in: Comment  21st November 2016
Why won't malefactors in California be prosecuted every time a condom wasn't used for sex in adult erotic entertainment DVDs?

 Brexit: The Sequel?
Posted in: Comment  18th November 2016
Several months after the British referendum decision to leave the European Union, things have not turned out the way that either Eurosceptics or Europhiles envisaged. What about LGBT Britons, however?

 The Shame of San Francisco: Proposition Q
Posted in: Comment  16th November 2016

 Life Goes On...
Posted in: Comment  14th November 2016
As disgusted as one might be at the appalling US federal election result, elsewhere in the world there are some bright sparks of hope and progress for LGBTI communities. Let's examine each of these in turn.

 Celsius 179?
Posted in: Comment  11th November 2016
As I predicted, the euthanasia debate is fast overtaking LGBTI concerns as the other pole of Christian Right activism when it comes to their equally vehement opposition to abortion. What is generating this?

 Weimar Time in America?
Posted in: Comment  10th November 2016
As I did with Brexit, I've prepared two articles concluding the US federal election coverage. One posits Hillary Clinton's victory, while this one examines the fallout from a Trump upset win, against the odds.

Posted in: Comment  7th November 2016
In concentrating too much attention on US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, some LGBTI commentators fear that there has been insufficient note made of his vice-presidential running mate, Mike Pence.

 Conservatives Against Trump
Posted in: Comment  5th November 2016
As well as conservative Christians who doubt his sincerity and comprehension of religious social conservatism, Donald Trump has another source of naysayers- "movement" conservatives. Why don't conservative Republicans like their own candidate?

 Headed for the Precipice
Posted in: Comment  3rd November 2016
As Hillary Clinton prepares to probably win the 2016 US federal election, there are some ominous but also some promising notes underlying this most unusual political contest.