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Saturday 25 June 2016

 Brexit: Dregs of Victory?
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
I should confess that I prepared two alternative articles on this subject, given that the result was likely to be close. If you're reading this one, it is because the Brexit side has narrowly won the British European Union membership referendum against its Remain opponents.

 Trans-Versing the Gap(s)
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
Although much LGBTI news focus has been overseas dealing with Orlando, Xalapa and the British and Australian elections, there is the enduring issue of transgender rights in New Zealand. Fortunately, there is progress to report on this front.

 LGBT Britons and Brexit
Posted in: Comment  23rd June 2016

 Fatigue Warning?
Posted in: Comment  21st June 2016

 Guns, Gays and Orlando
Posted in: Comment  19th June 2016

 Explaining Orlando
Posted in: Comment  15th June 2016
Fallout from Saturday's Orlando mass shooting tragedy has led to considerable debate over interpretation of the event itself and proposed solutions.

 Bloody Saturday
Posted in: Politics and Religion  13th June 2016
The Orlando shooting: The worst firearms tragedy in US history, the deadliest Islamist attack since September 11, 2001 and the World Trade Centre tragedy, and the worst deliberate act of violence against LGBT people.

 May the Best Woman Win...
Posted in: Comment  7th June 2016
Hillary Clinton had a telling candidate tactical advantage but Bernie Sanders refused to concede the Democrat incumbent nomination until Clinton acquired the margin of victory in early June primaries. So, how will this all turn out?

 Queen Victoria Was "Wrong"
Posted in: Comment  4th June 2016
The Human Dignity Trust has just released a report on nations that have criminalised lesbianism. Why have these countries gone down this path?

Posted in: Comment  31st May 2016

 Unreal "Women" of Transphobia
Posted in: Comment  27th May 2016
Why is Family First emulating bottom-of-the-barrel US Christian Right anti-transgender tactics in its neverending fearmongering campaign against transgender rights? Case in point: imaginary 'transgender sexual predators.'

 Transphobia, Toilets and ...Nuclear War?!
Posted in: Comment  23rd May 2016
Why have sections of the US Christian Right apparently lost all rationality when it comes to transgender child health and safety at school?

 Nature Abhors an Evidential Vacuum?
Posted in: Comment  18th May 2016
With the news that an Auckland new entrants school has developed gender-neutral facilities for a transgender girl and that her classmates have no problem with that development, Bob McCoskrie has predictably denounced this breach of quaint, polarised conservative Christian gender "rules."

 Germany: Historic Offences v Asylum Policy
Posted in: Comment  16th May 2016
Although Germany's Christian Democrat/Social Democrat "grand coalition" government won't legislate for marriage equality, it seems that it is open to other pro-LGBT legislative reforms.

 Congress of Falsehoods
Posted in: Comment  12th May 2016
Exactly what is a representative of the neo-fascist French National Front doing at the so-called "World Congress of Families" conference in Tbilisi?