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Monday 29 August 2016

 Historic Offences: A Submission Guide
Posted in: Comment  29th August 2016
Interested in making a submission on the issue of historic homosexual convictions? Here's a little background info for you.

 Cambodia: Tolerance and Slow Reform
Posted in: Comment  26th August 2016
Unlike many of the other countries surveyed in this section of Gaynz.Com, Cambodia has never had anti-LGBT legislation. It has had other problems to deal with, however.

 Local Bodiless?
Posted in: Comment  24th August 2016
When it comes to local politics, are LGBTI New Zealanders blase and apathetic?

 Marriage Equality: Australia's Slow Motion War
Posted in: Comment  23rd August 2016
Three years after New Zealand legislated for marriage equality and attendant inclusive adoption reform, Australia may not get there until after February 2017.

 Indonesia: Getting Darker...
Posted in: Comment  18th August 2016
When I last wrote about Indonesia in March 2016, it was obvious that there was a major 'moral panic' underway against LGBT Indonesians. Several months later, the situation still has not improved.

 P&R: Uganda's Pride Assault
Posted in: Comment  16th August 2016
Uganda is back in the international LGBT news spotlight. This time, however, it is attributable to the actions of its national police force and not its president or hardline religious social conservative legislature.

 Unlucky Number's Three
Posted in: Comment  15th August 2016

 FF Targets Comprehensive Antibullying Efforts
Posted in: Comment  10th August 2016
Wholly predictably, Family First thinks it can have a 'bob' each way, expressing concern about school bullying, while attacking LGBTI students rights to education access because they are supposedly "lobbying for a political agenda.'

 HLR30: Praise, humour and exhortations
Posted in: Politics and Religion, Our Communities  9th August 2016
In a powerful address, gay High Court justice Matthew Muir shares his insights into the Homosexual Law reform campaign and highlights some of the work that still needs to be done.

 Tanzania: New Barriers to HIV Prevention:
Posted in: Comment  5th August 2016
Tanzania's Health Minister is about to ban lubricants, given that they are said to 'facilitate' gay sex in a country where it is illegal. What is the background of this country and its LGBT community?

Posted in: Comment  2nd August 2016
Just at the time when the Australian Christian Right needs him the most, Catholic Cardinal George Pell stands accused himself of child sexual abuse.

 Death By A Hundred Cuts
Posted in: Comment  1st August 2016
Britain's Attitude magazine has a somewhat familiar take on neoliberal austerity politics in that country, and how LGBT individuals are being affected. Some of the parallels are somewhat depressing.

 Romania and Marriage Equality
Posted in: Comment  28th July 2016
Romania has had the usual inertial drag problems that many other Eastern Europe societies have with LGBTI rights and now things may be getting worse there once more.

 Meanwhile, in the Real World...
Posted in: Comment  26th July 2016
The US Democratic Party is holding its own national party convention in Philadelphia. And what a contrast from the Republican Party parade of the weird and wrathful it is.

 Less Than This
Posted in: Comment  25th July 2016