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Saturday 19 April 2014

 MTV's new fake lesbian show
Posted in: Television  19th March 2014
Have you heard about MTV’s controversial new show Faking It? It’s about two teenage girls who pretend to be lesbians to be popular.

 Reviews: Looking and The Fosters
Posted in: Television  26th January 2014
Sky’s SoHo has premiered the much buzzed about new gay show Looking, while TV2 has begun showing a series about lesbian mums.

 Stephen Fry's Out There, part two
Posted in: Television  8th January 2014
In the second part of Stephen Fry's Out There documentary he discovers what life is like for gay people in Brazil, Russia and India.

 Watch: Stephen Fry's Out There
Posted in: Television  7th January 2014
Stephen Fry has interviewed homophobes and gay people throughout the world in his confronting new documentary series Out There.

 Richie Hardcore joins The Nutters Club
Posted in: Television  13th October 2013
GLBTI community friend Richie Hardcore is the special guest on The Nutters Club on Monday night. Watch a preview of his story here.

 A look at American Horror Story-Asylum
Posted in: Television  9th October 2013
Asylum centres on Briarcliff, a Catholic-run psychiatric institution in the sixties. This is before any concept of lesbian, gay or psychiatric survivors rights.

 Review: Dated and heavy-handed 'Vicious'
Posted in: Television  29th August 2013
Two masterful gay actors dish up a tired, predictable and lame TV One sitcom which has only the laugh track shrieking.

 Shorty gets with the programme
Posted in: Television  11th July 2013
Phylesha Brown-Acton has made a special appearance on Shortland St, playing a trans woman who faces discrimination.

 Gay Talk Tonight
Posted in: Television  8th August 2012
Bipolar Bear catches up with former Queer Nation reporter and producer Andrew Whiteside, who has launched a web series Gay Talk Tonight.

 Good morning's new agony aunts
Posted in: Performance, Television  1st August 2012
Buffy and Bimbo will be answering questions on anything and everything to do with etiquette in a new segment on Good Morning, which begins this Friday!

 The GC. WTF?
Posted in: Television  3rd May 2012
The GC: it obviously doesn’t stand for good content, or much gay content, although some wits in the social media-verse have decided it stands for the ‘gay c***s’.

 Fang candy
Posted in: Television  7th August 2011
You voted and you like the bad boys and the bad girls. Sexy vampires Eric and Pam have topped our polls asking for you to choose your favourite True Blood characters.

 Why we love True Blood
Posted in: Television  27th July 2011
True fans, fangbangers, breathers: whatever you want to call us, there are plenty of gay New Zealanders who are obsessed with True Blood. Want to know why?

 What's Shortland St's secret?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Television  19th July 2011
Michael Stevens marvels at the ability of Shortland St writers to turn gay people straight and thinks the 'ex-gay' movement could learn a thing or two.

Posted in: Blogger Zone, Television  5th May 2011
Bipolar Bear shares his story of meeting celebrity hair stylist Tabitha Coffey, the star of one of his reality TV guilty pleasures. He found out she's not as much of a 'bitch' as she's made out to be.