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NZAF campaign reaffirms importance of prevention
By Daily News staff
7th April 2017 - 02:38 pm

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation are reaffirming the importance of condom use and providing the public with information about PrEP as the country faces the highest number of HIV diagnoses ever.

In an effort to halt new HIV transmissions and with the country facing a resurgent HIV epidemic, NZAF are launching a new campaign ‘I’m On’ as part of the NZAF’s ‘Ending HIV’ flagship programme.

Jason Myers, Executive Director, New Zealand AIDS Foundation, says, “Condoms have worked incredibly well in New Zealand and have played a major role in keeping HIV prevalence low by world standards. They remain a crucial component of the strategy to eliminate new HIV transmissions.

We need this message to remain loud and clear and at the same time we need to educate people about PrEP as an option. PrEP is an option for those who struggle with consistently using condoms for casual sex and are therefore at very high risk of HIV.”

In 2015, 224 people were diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand, with 109 of those having been infected in New Zealand. Currently, around 3200 people in New Zealand are estimated to be living with HIV.

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