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Vicki Letele dies in hospital
By Daily News staff
17th May 2017 - 02:51 pm

Vicki Letele died in hospital on Monday night surrounded by family.

Letele’s brother, David, told the New Zealand Herald that his “beautiful” sister was fighting until her last breath and put up one of the strongest fights he has ever seen.

"Vicki Letele, I lost a part of my heart tonight. No words can describe the pain, but no words explain how proud I am to be your brother,” he said.

The ex-Kiwi Ferns player, who is survived by her partner and three young children, was serving a three-year, two-month sentence for fraud when she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

In October, the parole board declined her request for compassionate release however her family lobbied for her release and were supported by thousands of people who signed a petition calling for her release.

In November, Letele was released from prison to spend her final months at home with loved ones.

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