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Sunday 20 April 2014

 I Am Divine coming to ChCh
Posted in: Movies  14th April 2014
Out Takes is holding a screening of I Am Divine in Christchurch on 4 May to raise money for the southern leg of the event in June. Watch the trailer and find out how to get tickets here.

 Oscars Wrap
Posted in: Movies  3rd March 2014
Jared Leto wins for playing a transgender woman with AIDS, co-star Matthew McConaughey nabs Best Actor. Ellen pisses Liza off. Bette's ageless, while Pink is red hot.

 Ellen ready to host GLBT-light Oscars
Posted in: Movies  3rd March 2014
Oscars Preview: Ellen's hosting, Pink's performing and there are rumours Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft will take part in a tribute to The Wizard Of Oz.

 Review: The Dallas Buyers' Club
Posted in: Movies  19th February 2014
Two stunning and irresistible performances by Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto make this a movie totally worth seeing. Take a hanky.

 Film gems dug up for Pride
Posted in: Movies  5th February 2014
NZ On Screen has pulled a collection of lgbt films out from its treasure trove and placed them online for you all to enjoy, to mark Auckland Pride Festival.

 Queer Selfies!
Posted in: Movies  3rd February 2014
Robyn Paterson and Paula Boock need your help with their cool project Queer Selfies, where they are making a very short documentary which is totally participant-controlled.

 Review: Blue is the Warmest Colour
Posted in: Movies  28th January 2014
Probably going on for longer than it should, stupendously dramatic and full of raucous over the top sex – in every way the agonising deliciousness of a torrid lesbian romance.

 Trailer: Desert Migration
Posted in: Movies  15th December 2013
The latest producing endeavour of The HIV Story Project, Desert Migration looks at HIV and ageing. It's the story of men who rolled back the stone of AIDS and came out of the cave, into the desert.

 Chaz Harris' Broken Glass
Posted in: Movies  10th December 2013
Gay Wellington filmmaker Chaz Harris’ short film Broken Glass is a modern day fairy tale, about an abused boy whose life changes forever when he encounters a mysterious creature in the woods.

 Review: William Yang: My Generation
Posted in: Movies  15th August 2013
Gay, Asian and artistic, William Yang fled Brisbane to become the ultimate outsider who captured the mood of 70s and 80s Sydney glamour, literati and gay societies from the inside.

 Review: Behind the Candelabra
Posted in: Movies  30th July 2013
A creepy, flawed, magnificent and compelling portrayal of the life of a brightly burning personality which knew few boundaries, and of the apparently naive kid who flew too close to the flame.

 Review: When the killer becomes the victim
Posted in: Movies  25th July 2013
Valentine Road is a NZ Intl. Film Festival doco about a teenage boy being killed in a classroom by another boy who he’d hit on.

 A Death in the Family
Posted in: Movies, HIV  19th July 2013
NZ On Film has made Peter Wells and Stewart Main's ground-breaking 1986 film A Death in the Family available to watch online.

 Fostering Queer Filmmaking
Posted in: Our Communities, Movies  13th July 2013
A Wellington workshop is hoped to generate ideas from the queer and filmmaking communities that will encourage more NZ films with queer/LGBTI themes.

 Flicks to watch out for
Posted in: Movies  29th June 2013
The NZ International Film Festival will feature five ‘gay interest’ films, including a Pedro Almodóvar mock plane disaster romp!