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Sunday 01 February 2015

 Pride Q&A: Freya Desmarais
Posted in: Performance  27th January 2015
The self-declared ‘best non-South African lesbian comedian this side of the Bombay Hills’ is bringing “the sex education you never got but should have” to Auckland Pride Festival.

 Taane's Pride
Posted in: Performance  22nd January 2015
A breath-taking fusion of the work of three of our community’s most loved and revered artists will open this year’s Pride Gala.

 Kita Mean hits the mall
Posted in: Performance  14th January 2015
An Auckland queen of drag drama Kita Mean has launched a new video series. Her first stop? The mall - for a bit of ‘leave Britney alone’!

 The boundless Jay Chasland
Posted in: Performance  13th January 2015
In the cast for Rotorua’s Blue Baths Comedy Cabaret is Jay Chasland, a former rugby rep who has a four octave range, can do more than 60 impressions and the splits while singing!

 Review: Hauraki Horror
Posted in: Performance  7th December 2014
This rollicking murder mystery follows a paparazzi photographer and his inept gossip columnist sidekick as they try to solve a death aboard a yacht packed with New Zealand celebrities.

 "Your Body is a Battleground"
Posted in: Performance, Features  6th December 2014
Sexuality, desire, gender and stereotypes are explored in a Wellington dance theatre work which director John Butterfield says raises more questions than it's even been able to touch on.

 Watch: Heaven's Gate
Posted in: Performance  5th December 2014
Check out Coco Solid's music video documentary about The Fafswag Ball, a South Auckland event that celebrates fa'afafine culture through fashion, vogue and dance battles.

 The new queen on the block
Posted in: Performance  2nd December 2014
Princess to Queen 2014 winner Carmen Dioxide is an inflight service manager, gym junkie, skateboarder and pianist, who makes her outfits.

 Roy and Chargn's double act
Posted in: Books, Performance  25th November 2014
Auckland couple Roy Ward and Chargn Keenan are a busy pair: they're both working on Victor Rodger play At The Wake and have also opened a new bookstore in K’ Rd’s St Kevin's Arcade.

 Review: GALS' A Night Out
Posted in: Performance  25th November 2014
GALS changed concert format generally missed the mark but there were some standout performances and moments of musical excellence.

 Preview: SEP ARATE
Posted in: Performance  12th November 2014
It was hair suits and a shared passion for delving into issues of gender and sexuality that brought choreographers Lydia Zanetti and Val Smith together.

 Now showing: Last Chance Café
Posted in: Performance  30th October 2014
Co-facilitated by gay Aucklander Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, Last Chance Café is a play put on by the Hobson Street Players, of 140 Hobson Street, Auckland(AKA the City Mission).

 Theatre tribute to Peter Taylor
Posted in: Performance  27th October 2014
The musical Two People Like Us will tell the story of two cross-dressing men who fall in love – and will be dedicated to Peter Taylor’s memory.

 2 One Another: A full circle dance
Posted in: Performance  26th October 2014
The Sydney Dance Company delved into personalities and relationships between its dancers themselves for the work its bringing to Auckland.

 Legacy Project: Get your submissions in!
Posted in: Performance  23rd October 2014
The clock is ticking to get your story in for the Legacy Project. Artistic Director Bruce Brown tells us rather than just polished scripts, the team are also looking for ideas which grab them.