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Monday 30 May 2016

Posted in: Performance  13th April 2016
We talk to emerging choreographer, Caitlin Davey, about the Basement’s latest contemporary dance offering, Fabricate.

 Little Child of Miracle
Posted in: Performance  26th March 2016
Little Child of Miracle is the kind of fairy tale you wouldn’t tell your children before they are put down for sleep. The new show at the Basement is a visual feast for adults, opening this Tuesday, it’s not one to miss.

 Six Queer Poets You Should Know
Posted in: Performance  21st March 2016
Today is international poetry day and to celebrate we take a look at some contemporary queer artists making waves around the world.

 Skinny Dipping, nipples and feminism’s afterbirth
Posted in: Performance  2nd March 2016
Skinny Dipping, nipples and feminism’s afterbirth. After sell-out shows in Wellington, The Offensive Nipple Show is coming to Auckland.

 Review: People Like Us
Posted in: Performance  17th February 2016
A star is born: Helped by magnificent songs, surrounded by an excellent singing cast and drawing on skills we never knew she had Ramon Te Wake gives this new trans-musical heart and soul.

 Review: F' You
Posted in: Performance  16th February 2016
For anyone thinking the lives of young Polynesian glbti people have nothing to teach you, get real! F'You is truly profound and gloriously entertaining!

 Review: PUZZY
Posted in: Performance  13th February 2016
Before going to see PUZZY I already knew it was going to be an important contribution to theatre. How often do we see or hear narratives with a lesbian protagonist, let alone one that's a Pacific Islander?

 Ak Pride Debate: Bigger is judged to be Better
Posted in: Performance  13th February 2016
In a self-defeating debating tactic the conservative team at last night's Great Auckland Pride Debate practically begged the judges to award them at least a tie on the basis that they have yet to win a Pride Debate.

 Review: Et Lux
Posted in: Performance  11th February 2016
Powerful, dark and deeply troubling eroticism drives a sumptuous and magnificently performed production showcasing a wide range of awesome performance skills.

 People like these: Cindy and Ramon
Posted in: Performance  9th February 2016
Ramon Te Wake and Cindy of Samoa take us into their troubled childhoods and journeys into adulthood which they draw on for their characters in People Like Us.

 Review: No More Dancing In The Good Room
Posted in: Performance  3rd February 2016
A coming out story at once like every other and still like no other... Chris Parker is compelling and magnificent and every glbti person should experience this tour de force show.

 One night at the old Staircase
Posted in: Performance  2nd February 2016
As the Staircase party looms Bertha The Beast recounts a Saturday night drag show at one of the NZ's most fondly-remembered gay venues.

 Review: GALS R Us
Posted in: Performance  1st December 2015
While GALS is singing along nicely something is missing. Their latest concert threw that something into stark relief.

 13 questions for Beenie Man before Raggamuffin
Posted in: Performance  18th November 2015
He's repeatedly urged his fans to brutalise and murder gays and lesbians and he's coming to NZ for the February Raggamuffin concert. He once professed to have changed his views but it seems likely nothing has actually changed...

 Review: Hudson and Halls
Posted in: Performance  7th November 2015
Camp, farcical, energetic and ultimately tender, this evocation of classic TV cooking show hosts Hudson and Halls transcends stereotypes to provide a delicious piece of theatre.