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Monday 20 October 2014

 For the love of dance: Jessie McCall
Posted in: Performance  7th October 2014
Dancer and choreographer Jessie McCall can’t recall the exact moment she fell in love with dance, saying it was more like an extended courtship.

 Joan Rivers roast
Posted in: Performance  5th September 2014
Comedian Joan Rivers has died in New York, aged 81, after complications from surgery. Among the many moments from her sweeping career being shared is this, the Roast of Joan Rivers.

 Review: Earnest
Posted in: Performance  28th August 2014
This subversive reinvention of Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest is bold, flashy, campy and quite delicious.

 Reimagining Earnest
Posted in: Performance  27th August 2014
Take one ingeniously witty Oscar Wilde play, set it in 1950s London, add an all-male cast and Cher’s greatest hits!

 Review: Wine Lips
Posted in: Performance  27th August 2014
Gay writer and director Sam Brooks' examination of a relationship on the brink is an intimate and bitter-sweet treat.

 Review: One Of Those
Posted in: Performance  13th August 2014
A delicious and magnificent evocation of one of 20th century New Zealand's most riveting homosexual scandals makes for a captivating piece of theatre.

 One of Those: gay NZ history on stage
Posted in: Performance  17th July 2014
A dramatic piece of New Zealand’s gay history will be brought to the stage again in Auckland next month.

 A story close to home: Mana Wahine
Posted in: Performance  3rd July 2014
From, the creative geniuses at Okareka Dance Company, Mana Wahine celebrates the strength of women. It was inspired by a brave and clever ancestor of Taiaroa Royal.

 Showgirl glamour cabaret for Whakatane
Posted in: Performance  19th June 2014
A group of performers under the tutelage of ex-Australian showgirl Pepper Hudson is about to bring some 'Las Vegas-style' song, dance and glamour to Whakatane.

 Trinity K. Bonet's quick-fire Q&A
Posted in: Performance  6th June 2014
It’s just a week until Trinity K. Bonet from RuPaul’s Drag Race arrives! The drag star says she is hoping for some ‘cute boys and great food’ in New Zealand – and more!

 Review: Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox
Posted in: Performance  5th June 2014
Michael Griffiths' performance last night was a compelling and delightful treat, effortlessly guiding us through Lennox's life and music with wit, insight and charm.

 Q&A: Le Gateau Chocolat
Posted in: Performance  3rd June 2014
One of the most intriguing artists at this week’s Auckland International Cabaret Season is Le Gateau Chocolat, an opera singing diva with a velvety baritone voice.

 Review: Whore
Posted in: Performance  31st May 2014
Showing at K' Rd's Lifewise Merge Cafe, Whore offers a raw look at life on the streets through the real stories of Auckland sex workers. It will open your eyes and maybe break your heart a little.

 A NZ premiere: Body of Faith
Posted in: Performance  27th May 2014
The director of a play looking at the relationship between identity and faith hopes it opens the public eye to aspects of peoples' lives and struggles that are rarely put in the spotlight.

 Quickfire Q&A: The Drag Kings
Posted in: Performance  26th May 2014
We can’t think of anything better to get you through the start of the week than some wise (read ridiculous) words from this troupe.