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Wednesday 01 June 2016

 Promised Land
Posted in: Books  11th March 2016
Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris will be at Out in the Park this Saturday in Wellington chatting to the public about their latest project; illustrated LGBTI children’s book Promised Land.

 Samesame but different: NZ writing for Ak Pride
Posted in: Books  25th November 2015
A new addition to the annual Auckland Pride Festival well be a platform for NZ writers. It's the brainchild of author and filmmaker Peter Wells and he introduces here the concept and how it works.

 Telling the tales of our first lady
Posted in: Books  9th October 2015
The first New Zealander to have full gender reassignment surgery really does have some stories to tell. In her 72 rich years she’s knocked down barriers countless times...

 Book preview: The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis
Posted in: Books  23rd September 2015
A new book is being launched in Wellington telling the story of the founding director of the New Zealand Film Archive, out and proud gay man Jonathan Dennis. And there are some tales from his life to tell!

 Want to join a glbt/queer writing group?
Posted in: Books, NZ Writing  9th June 2015
Auckland based writer/editor Lynne Jamneck is interested in establishing a GLBT/Queer writing group with a particular focus on genre writers.

 Rediscovering James Courage
Posted in: Books  9th April 2015
A new collection has been published to raise awareness about a man who could be considered New Zealand’s own Oscar Wilde, James Courage, our very own gay, but sidelined, literary icon.

 Review: Review Revue
Posted in: Books  18th February 2015
Against the clock and in a convivial setting six glbti people review a self-selected book - or they don't.

 Review: Proud - My Autobiography
Posted in: Books  7th January 2015
A compelling book which overcomes its flaws to provide insights into what can happen when it feels as though the world will end if you come out.

 Roy and Chargn's double act
Posted in: Books, Performance  25th November 2014
Auckland couple Roy Ward and Chargn Keenan are a busy pair: they're both working on Victor Rodger play At The Wake and have also opened a new bookstore in K’ Rd’s St Kevin's Arcade.

 Review: The Life and Loves of a He Devil
Posted in: Books  16th November 2014
What you see of Graham Norton on screen is more or less what you get in real life (minus the showbiz hype and bling) if this latest Norton book is any guide.

 Review: Gareth Thomas' Proud
Posted in: Books  17th October 2014
The hardman of Welsh rugby’s story of the torturous hiding of his sexuality, and the light he was greeted with when he threw open the closet doors, is heartfelt and enlightening.

 Chris Brickell's latest treasure
Posted in: Books  1st October 2014
A look at the 40s,50s&60s finds love affairs on active duty, nude sunbathing, gossip and relationships - and men who may just have laid the foundations for our own gay liberation.

 Review: Sarah Waters' The Paying Guests
Posted in: Books  29th September 2014
In The Paying Guests Sarah Waters offers up another page-turner packed with lesbian love in a time well before we blazed out of the shadows.

 Looking back at a classic: Annie on My Mind
Posted in: Books  22nd July 2014
In the wake of the death of Nancy Garden, we look back at her classic novel Annie on My Mind, a deliciously-worded tale of young lesbian love.

 Meet: author John Wiltshire
Posted in: Books  13th June 2014
The first book in NZ-based author John Wiltshire's gay thriller series has been published, and readers love it.