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Saturday 24 June 2017

George Michael's partner questioned over death

Posted in: International News
By Daily News staff - 7th January 2017

The partner of the late George Michael has been questioned by police who are considering if the gay singer's death was drug-related.

George Michael and Fadi Fawaz
Michael, 53, died at his home on Christmas Day and the announcement of his passing advised that he had died of heart failure. However, a post-morten examination is understood to be inconclusive.

He has in the past acknowledged a history of drug use and going into a rehab clinic.

His lover, Fadi Fawaz, has now been questioned by police who are also understood to have asked paparazzi to provide copied of photos which may indicate who came and went from Michael's home in the hours leading up to his death.

Fawaz is said by observers to be showing signs of stress and strain after finding Michael's body and has claimed his Twitter page was hacked after tweets posted said the singer had tried to take his own life many times.

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