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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Brazilian trans woman killed in horrific attack

Posted in: International News
By Daily News staff - 9th March 2017

Disturbing footage has emerged of a transgender woman being beaten to death in Brazil, the fifth murder of its kind within the past month in the country.

Dandara dos Santos was taken from her home and beaten to death by up to six men.
Up to six men took Dandara dos Santos, 42, from her home in Fortaleza, demoralised her, beat her in the street and then threw her into a wheelbarrow, wheeling her away to where she was then killed.

The number of men involved in the murder is unclear and English media reports as many as six and Brazilian publications such as Diário do Nordeste reporting five.

With the video of the attack circulating online, Police have identified the men involved and Diário do Nordeste reports that four of these men were arrested on March 7. It also reports that a teenager was arrested in connection with the murder on March 5.

Among the young men arrested were three who carried out the attack and one who filmed the attack.

In 2016, one LGBTI identified person was killed every 25 hours in Brazil according to a survey conducted by the Gay Group of Bahia. Of the 343 people killed, 144 were trans people.

The Brazilian government does not officially record hate-crimes against the LGBTI community and the group’s data is based on news published in the media, on the internet and personal information. The annual survey has been conducted for 37 years.

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