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Saturday 24 June 2017

San Francisco Zoo's gay penguins split up

Posted in: International News
By Daily News Staff - 15th July 2009

San Francisco Zoo's famous gay penguin couple Harry and Pepper have split up, after a six-year relationship.


The well-dressed couple made news around the world when they were allowed to incubate and hatch an egg laid by another penguin last year.

"Of all of the parents that year, they were the best. They took very good care of their chick," zookeeper Anthony Brown told the San Francisco Examiner.

All was well in the penguin couple's relationship until another male penguin's death caused his widow, Linda, to seek out Harry's company.

"To be completely anthropomorphizing, Linda seems conniving," said Brown. "She's got her plan. I don't think she was wanting to be a single girl for too long."

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