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Sunday 07 February 2016

4th February 2016   International News
A man wishing to visit Australia was allegedly denied entry because of his HIV positive status. The Scandinavian man says he has visited Australia every year for 22 years and... Read more

2nd February 2016   International News
A new hashtag campaign aiming to draw attention to racism within the gay community has emerged on Twitter and is dividing the wider LGBTI community. #TweetLikeAWhiteGay has recently appeared on... Read more

2nd February 2016   International News
The Pride March in the Australian State of Victoria was held up by a group of protesters on Saturday who staged a sit-in to draw attention to “socially unjust oppressive... Read more

2nd February 2016   International News
Germany has opened a shelter for LGBTI refugees, as overcrowded accommodation becomes unsafe for many.   The shelter, based in Nuremberg, in the south of the country, can host up... Read more

1st February 2016   International News
Bombastic Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he will, if elected president, seriously consider stacking the Supreme Court to get last year's landmark decision allowing same-sex marriage in USA reversed.... Read more

30th January 2016   International News
The Australian Prime Minister has promised to legalise same-sex marriage if a majority of people support the decision. The Government plans to hold a non-legally binding public vote on the... Read more

29th January 2016   International News
Ellen Page has traveled the world with her best friend to document the lives and struggles of LGBTI people globally in a new documentary series for Vice. The Oscar nominated... Read more

28th January 2016   International News
Sir Ian McKellen has spoken out about the lack of diversity in the Oscars, questioning why no gay man has ever won a main acting award. In an interview with... Read more

27th January 2016   International News
The UK government has announced it will be reviewing the decision made last week that bans poppers nationally.   In the coming months, the UK government will be reviewing the... Read more

26th January 2016   International News
The International Olympics Committee have relaxed the guidelines on transgender athletes who may no longer have to have undergone sex reassignment surgery to compete. The change in IOC guidelines are... Read more