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Tuesday 04 August 2015

3rd August 2015   International News
A 16-year-old girl stabbed in an attack on participants at Jerusalem’s Pride march has died in hospital. Shira Banki was among six people wounded by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, who... Read more

2nd August 2015   International News
UK: Brighton Pride was delayed and rerouted after police found a suspicious package on the seafront. It was cordoned off while explosive experts were called in, and it was detonated... Read more

31st July 2015   International News
A 16-year-old girl has critical injuries after being stabbed in the frenzied attack at Jerusalem's Pride march. The girl is stable at Shaare Zedek hospital, but doctors say her life... Read more

31st July 2015   International News
Six people have been stabbed at the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance, by an ultra-Orthodox Jew who had only just been released from prison over a similar attack ten... Read more

30th July 2015   International News
Sam Smith has spoken about how the book and film Holding the Man have changed his life. "I can't tell you all enough how much this book and film have... Read more

29th July 2015   International News
A man who tried to hold a ‘straight pride’ event was the only person who turned up. Anthony Rebello urged people to come along to the city’s Capitol Hill to... Read more

27th July 2015   International News
Sir Ian McKellen has spoken about how “everything becomes better in your life” once you come out. The esteemed actor has told US broadcaster NPR that when he did so... Read more

26th July 2015   International News
US President Barack Obama has raised gay rights while in Kenya, and that nation’s President responded by claiming it’s a “non-issue”. "With respect to the rights of gays and lesbians... Read more

24th July 2015   International News
Researchers and advocates say results from two landmark studies have bolstered the scientific case for initiating HIV treatment soon after diagnosis. The studies have been presented at the International AIDS... Read more

23rd July 2015   International News
There’s hope a European Court of Human Rights ruling on a case in Italy could be ground-breaking for same-sex couples across Europe. The court has ruled that by not recognising... Read more