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Saturday 30 April 2016

29th April 2016   International News
Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, believes if a public vote on marriage equality goes ahead, the country will soon have a law change. Speaking to Tasmanian radio station 7HO FM,... Read more

28th April 2016   International News
A city in Alabama has approved a new bathroom and changing room policy that will punish anyone not using the facility that matches their sex as assigned at birth with... Read more

27th April 2016   International News
Hong Kong has become the first ever Asian city to put a bid in for the Gay Games, the biggest international LGBTI sports and cultural gathering in the world.  ... Read more

26th April 2016   International News
A leading advocate for glbti rights in Bangladesh has been hacked to death by a group of men believed to be Islamic extremists. Xulhaz Mannan and a friend, Tanay Mojumdar,... Read more

22nd April 2016   International News
A federal appeals court has ruled in favour of a transgender male student in Virginia who challenged his school’s bathroom policy.   The case could have major legal implications for... Read more

21st April 2016   International News
The UK Foreign Office is now warning LGBTI tourists who plan to travel to North Carolina and Mississippi in light of the new anti-gay laws in both states.   The... Read more

20th April 2016   International News
A “super strain” of gonorrhoea has broken out in the UK and is now spreading among gay and bi men, causing “huge concern” among doctors.   In September, a national... Read more

18th April 2016   International News
The winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize says he underwent exorcism as part of a therapy pushed by the “ex-gay” religious movement in Jamaica. Openly gay author Marlon James,... Read more

14th April 2016   International News
Gay Air France flight crew are being forced to fly to Iran, much to the protest of staff, who believe they should be able to opt out of flying the... Read more

13th April 2016   International News
The Governor of North Carolina has signed an executive order amending parts of the states new anti-LGBTI law. Governor Pat McCroy has announced that the provision still means people have... Read more