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Saturday 24 June 2017

7th May 2017   International News
German chancellor Angela Merkel may have saved the lives of gay men in Chechnya after Russian president Vladimir Putin appears to have followed through on her request for him to... Read more

3rd May 2017   International News
Activists protesting the treatment of gay men in Chechnya have been arrested in Russia.   Painting their faces with fake blood and lying on the road, draped in rainbow and... Read more

27th April 2017   International News
As the situation in Chechnya continues to be investigated, journalists are now reporting that they have uncovered four more prisons holding men for allegedly being gay, bringing the total number... Read more

24th April 2017   International News
A group of lesbian women have been brutally attacked by allegedly more than 15 men in Portsmouth, England.   The homophobic attack took place outside the Blue Anchor Pub and... Read more

20th April 2017   International News
Police in Nigeria have arrested 53 young men who were celebrating a same-sex wedding.   Arrested in the northern city of Zaria, the young men, who are mostly students, were... Read more

19th April 2017   International News
A number of Universities in the US are making menstrual products available in men's bathrooms to cater for transgender men on campus. Tampons and pads will be available in both... Read more

19th April 2017   International News
The leader of Chechnya has accused international organisations of distorting reality and attempting to blacken the Chechen society and traditions following world reports that gay men in the region are... Read more

12th April 2017   International News
Gay men are beginning to flee Chechnya as Russian activists say more than 100 gay men are being held in a detention centre, some even tortured. Natalia Poplevskaya of the... Read more

4th April 2017   International News
Police in the Russian republic of Chechnya have allegedly rounded up over 100 men suspected to be homosexual, killing three of them.   Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta says it uncovered... Read more

3rd April 2017   International News
South Sudan is refusing to legalise homosexuality and scrap the death penalty saying it would be “in conflict with our national laws and our cultures”. In November the United Nations... Read more