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Thursday 08 December 2016

8th December 2016   International News
In an interview with Time magazine after the publication named him its person of the year, US president-elect Donald Trump has claimed that President Obama has helped him choose a... Read more

8th December 2016   International News
The families of four gay men killed on Grindr dates are preparing to take legal action against the UK police, claiming they didn't investigate the earlier cases properly and were... Read more

8th December 2016   International News
A BBC promotional ad for Christmas featuring a gay couple kissing under the mistletoe has been generally well-received, according to the British gay media. The ad, over a minute long... Read more

6th December 2016   International News
The owner of Pulse Nightclub, the location of the Orlando gay club shooting massacre earlier this year, has decided not to sell the property to the City of Orlando. Last... Read more

5th December 2016   International News
The world's largest retailer and biggest employer has relented by paying out on health insurance benefits denied to the same-sex employees of its American staff. In the USA private health... Read more

5th December 2016   International News
Indications are emerging that several transgender people have been victims of the horrific fire in Oakland, California, which has claimed at least 30 lives. The warehouse, known as the 'Ghost... Read more

4th December 2016   International News
US vice-president-elect Mike Pence, who once suggested that HIV prevention funding would be better diverted to 'gay cure' therapy, is now saying he made no such claim. Pence, an evangelical... Read more

3rd December 2016   International News
An ardent supporter of US president-elect Donald Trump has been arrested in Florida for threatening a mass shooting bigger than the June Orlando nightclub massacre. In online postings Joseph Jorczak,... Read more

1st December 2016   International News
The family of an Australian boy who killed himself due to being bullied for being gay is now being abused by internet trolls. Tyrone Unsworth of Brisbane took his own... Read more

25th November 2016   International News
UK police are coming under widespread criticism for not following up on concerns expressed to them that a serial killer of gay men might have been operating in northern London.... Read more