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Wednesday 16 April 2014

16th April 2014   International News
A petition has been set up and a Twitter campaign is underway, calling on the United Kingdom not to deport a Nigerian woman who says members of her family have... Read more

16th April 2014   International News
India’s top court has recognised transgender people as a third gender and is urging the nation’s government to take action to safeguard their rights. “Recognition of one’s gender identity lies... Read more

15th April 2014   International News
A Canadian man has been sexually assaulted, bashed and robbed by a man he met through Grindr, while at a conference in Philadelphia. The 34-year-old victim has told he... Read more

11th April 2014   International News
A former employee is suing the operators of the America's Cup, claiming he was wrongfully terminated after top officials mocked his sexuality. The Bay Area Reporter says Larry Jacobson, who... Read more

10th April 2014   International News
The 'firsts' continue in American sport, with a division one college basketballer coming out – with full support from his team and university. UMass player Derrick Gordon has told ESPN... Read more

9th April 2014   International News
Australia’s five biggest sporting codes are uniting in an unprecedented stand against homophobia, and those behind the initiative are urging others around the world to do the same. Heads of... Read more

8th April 2014   International News
Jessie J says she is now only interested in men, three years after she told the world she liked women too. The Price Tag singer has sent out a series... Read more

8th April 2014   International News
A Ugandan teenager has reportedly taken his own life, and it’s being attributed to the nation’s anti-gay law. Gay rights activists have told Gay Star News at least 17 gay... Read more

7th April 2014   International News
Debbie Harry has revealed she likes both men and women, but thinks “women are more sensual.” The Blondie singer has told the Daily Mail rumours about her past sexual relationships... Read more

4th April 2014   International News
Olympic diver Tom Daley now says he is definitely gay, after stating he still liked women too when he came out in a YouTube video. "I am a gay man... Read more