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Friday 01 August 2014

31st July 2014   International News
Gay diver Matthew Mitcham has had a strong start to his Commonwealth Games campaign, picking up a silver medal. The Australian finished with a flourish at the pool in Edinburgh,... Read more

31st July 2014   International News
Bangkok: A voluntary organisation working with people living with HIV is embarking on a new online campaign to help build supportive social environments and combat HIV discrimination against gay, transgender... Read more

31st July 2014   International News
Ugandan lgbti rights groups have asked their Constitutional Court to overturn the nation’s anti-gay law, and if they are successful that could happen tonight. UPDATE: Case has been adjourned till... Read more

28th July 2014   International News
Emily Rios of Breaking Bad fame has come out, as she plays a lesbian role on another TV drama. She’s told she identifies with her character on US border... Read more

26th July 2014   International News
Supermodel Andreja Pejic has come out as transgender, with a powerful message for gender non-conforming youth. “I know it's hard, I've been there, but remember it’s your right to be... Read more

24th July 2014   International News
Openly-gay Doctor Who and Torchwood actor John Barrowman has kissed a man as part of the widely-televised Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow. UPDATE: The Commonwealth Games has confirmed the... Read more

24th July 2014   International News
The Commonwealth of Nations is being blasted by an Asia Pacific group which is questioning participation in an international body where the majority of countries can jail, if not kill,... Read more

24th July 2014   International News
An American pastor has come up with the theory that gay people are possessed by fart demons. In an article, which is not a joke, for Charisma Magazine, the founder... Read more

23rd July 2014   International News
LGBT people across Asia are hard hit by similar issues of a lack of legal protections and health care, violence, discrimination and social stigma, says a UN study. “While parts... Read more

21st July 2014   International News
A man has been arrested over the murders of two gay men in Seattle, and is alleged to have targeted one of them because he had a “Muslim sounding” name.... Read more