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Tuesday 31 May 2016

 Unreal "Women" of Transphobia
Posted in: Comment  27th May 2016
Why is Family First emulating bottom-of-the-barrel US Christian Right anti-transgender tactics in its neverending fearmongering campaign against transgender rights? Case in point: imaginary 'transgender sexual predators.'

 Transphobia, Toilets and ...Nuclear War?!
Posted in: Comment  23rd May 2016
Why have sections of the US Christian Right apparently lost all rationality when it comes to transgender child health and safety at school?

 Nature Abhors an Evidential Vacuum?
Posted in: Comment  18th May 2016
With the news that an Auckland new entrants school has developed gender-neutral facilities for a transgender girl and that her classmates have no problem with that development, Bob McCoskrie has predictably denounced this breach of quaint, polarised conservative Christian gender "rules."

 Germany: Historic Offences v Asylum Policy
Posted in: Comment  16th May 2016
Although Germany's Christian Democrat/Social Democrat "grand coalition" government won't legislate for marriage equality, it seems that it is open to other pro-LGBT legislative reforms.

 Congress of Falsehoods
Posted in: Comment  12th May 2016
Exactly what is a representative of the neo-fascist French National Front doing at the so-called "World Congress of Families" conference in Tbilisi?

 Just A Puppet On A String
Posted in: Comment  10th May 2016

  Turnbull: Electoral Roulette?
Posted in: Comment  6th May 2016
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appears to be trying to exploit a campaign to restore the Australian Building and Corruption Commission to call a snap Australian federal election.

 Access to Reassignment Surgery: One Woman's Experience
Posted in: Comment  2nd May 2016

 Reassignment Surgery in New Zealand: A National Scandal
Posted in: Comment  26th April 2016
Although the Special High Cost Treatment Pool is supposed to fund minuscule numbers of reassignment surgeries for New Zealand transpeople, surgeons aren't even doing that.

 Dakota Hemmingson's day in court
Posted in: Comment  22nd April 2016
There has been an important preliminary development in Dakota Hemmingson's anti-transgender employment relations hearing, and the Ministry of Health has put out a document about reassignment surgery.

 History Never Repeats
Posted in: Comment  20th April 2016
More than three years after it was passed in New Zealand, why is Family First still droning on about marriage equality, however selectively?

 Takanini Trouble?
Posted in: Comment  18th April 2016
Bad news. It seems that the ex-gay group Exodus Ministries New Zealand is not as dead as many of us thought.

 The Deregistration Game (Round II)?
Posted in: Comment  14th April 2016

 American (Wrong) Way
Posted in: Comment  11th April 2016
In the United States, several US states have passed either service provider discrimination or anti-transgender legislation recently. Here's a brief summary of the offending states.

 Chile Bans Intersex Surgery
Posted in: Comment  11th April 2016
Since I reported on the recent legislative ban on infantile intersex 'remedial' surgery in Malta last year, there have been some important concurrent and subsequent developments- one in Germany, one in Chile.