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Monday 02 February 2015

 Conspiratoria Nullia?
Posted in: Comment  31st January 2015
Where have all the antigay conspiracy theories gone? And why were they more common thirty years or so ago?

 France's Other Nightmare: The French National Front
Posted in: Comment  23rd January 2015
The Christian Right is not the only problem many LGBT Europeans have to face. Look at France's National Front, for example, writes Craig Young.

 Blasphemy, Censorship and LGBT Rights
Posted in: Comment  15th January 2015
What is "blasphemy"- and how have blasphemy laws been used against LGBT rights elsewhere in the world?

Posted in: Comment  9th January 2015
With the impending loss of any traction against LGBT rights within the developed world, what happens to anti-LGBT political activism? What will it be replaced with?

 Craig Young's top 10 politics and religion stories of 2014
Posted in: Comment  30th December 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the highs and lows that characterised New Zealand and overseas LGBT news this year.

 Firstblight: "Coming out" wrong
Posted in: Comment  19th December 2014
Seventh Day Adventism is a tiny conservative sect. So why is it picking a fight with the New Zealand LGBT community?

 Deconstructing West City Bible Baptist Church
Posted in: Comment  11th December 2014
"When I read the words 'independent fundamental Baptist' as the church descriptor, I groaned inwardly," writes Craig Young.

 It's over! Select Committee recommends against Manukau Bill
Posted in: Comment  5th December 2014
The Local Government and Environment Committee has scrapped the controversial Manukau City (Regulating Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill.

 Update: Manukau, moralism and sex work
Posted in: Comment  5th December 2014
Unfortunately, it seems that the anti-sexworker and transphobic Manukau City Council (Regulating Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill is back in the parliamentary chamber.

 P&R: Historic Offences: Yes, But...
Posted in: Comment  27th November 2014
After assisting the major initiatives of LGBT marriage equality and associated inclusive adoption reform, the Key administration is itself advocating the erasure of pre-eighties historical gay sexual 'offences'. Why, and how should we view this in perspective?

 P&R: Send Them Victorious?
Posted in: Comment  18th November 2014
It's decision time for the Labour leadership contenders, given that the outcome of the current leadership contest will be announced today. What should we make of this?

 United States: It Ain't Necessarily So
Posted in: Comment  7th November 2014
Due to Obama's bungled Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) rollout, the Ebola and ISIS crises, there has been some regrettable backlash against the incumbent US president and his affiliated party.

 Terrorism, Scepticism and Current Events
Posted in: Comment  6th November 2014
How should LGBTI communities respond to the ISIS insurgency in Iraq and Syria? Should LGBT New Zealanders become actively involved?

 Glasses Half Empty? The Christian Right and the 2014 Election
Posted in: Comment  6th November 2014
Criag Young looks at the Christian Right and its desired outcomes for the Election. He finds on the face of it, they didn't achieve much.

 Marriage Equality: USA!! USA!! USA...???
Posted in: Comment  23rd October 2014
Why has marriage equality become one of the core LGBT issues within the United States, as increasing numbers of US states strike down earlier statutory or constitutional bans against it?