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Saturday 19 April 2014

 Labour/Green: The Case for a "clean" coalition
Posted in: Comment  15th April 2014
David Cunliffe has ruled out any pre-election coalition deal with the Greens. Politics and religion commentator Craig Young looks at the situation from a glbti perspective.

 Kevin Hague, on standing up to Colin Craig
Posted in: Comment, Features  11th April 2014
"Allowing Colin Craig to win would have a profound chilling effect on the freedom to speak out and defend our values," Kevin Hague writes in a piece for

 Comment: Pop!(ulism) and the Conservatives
Posted in: Comment  10th April 2014
Like New Zealand's Conservative Party and previous fundamentalist microparties, other overseas populist parties have branded themselves as "anti-establishment." Can the centre-right work with such parties? It's not good news for LGBT New Zealanders either.

 Bad Luck, Nigeria...
Posted in: Comment  3rd April 2014
Nigeria's Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill is attracting international condemnation, but it's not the only problem facing the oil-rich but deeply repressive oil-rich West African nation.

 Uganda: The Context of the Anti-Homosexuality Act
Posted in: Comment  28th March 2014
Uganda is becoming increasingly ostracised and reviled for its Anti-Homosexuality Act. But are there are other defects within what has been described as a "failed state" waiting to happen?

 Backgrounder: Russia and the Ukraine
Posted in: Comment  22nd March 2014
Russia's maladies need no introduction to our readers, but what about its currently embattled western neighbour, the Ukraine? How might the current crisis affect LGBT inhabitants of both nations?

 Obituary: Fred Phelps Sr (1930-2014)
Posted in: Comment  21st March 2014
So who was this virulently homophobic and indeed, misanthropic, fundamentalist demagogue?

 Guest Editorial: Election 2014
Posted in: Comment, Features  12th March 2014
This week, the Prime Minister announced that the next New Zealand general election will be held in late September. What does this mean for us?

 Clip-On Fiscal Conservatism and the Conservatives
Posted in: Comment  6th March 2014
The Conservative Party are claiming that the media have 'stereotyped' their party as a religious social conservative outfit. But what about its claims to be "fiscally conservative?"

 The Defamation Game
Posted in: Comment  28th February 2014
What is one to make of Colin Craig's litigation against Greens Co-Leader Russel Norman, over claimed statements that Craig wanted women back in the kitchen and LGBT community members back in the closet?

 Transgender rights: A call to solidarity
Posted in: Comment  20th February 2014
Once again, Louisa Wall is forcing the pace on LGBT legislative reform- this time, it's amending the Human Rights Act to directly include gender identity discrimination as one of the prohibited grounds. I strongly endorse this call for long overdue reform on this front.

 More aimless "Bobbing"
Posted in: Comment  13th February 2014
Whenever one reads the aimless "bobbing" on Family First's website, one encounters a strange time warp. And not of the more welcome Rocky Horror Picture Show dance routine variety, either. What's up with the Christian Right pressure group?

 He's a Tea Pot?
Posted in: Comment  9th February 2014
Colin Craig has frequently compared himself to the US Republican "Tea Party" faction. But what is the "tea party" faction and how accurate are these comparisons?

 UKIP: Colin's Cousins???
Posted in: Comment  31st January 2014
Conservative Party leader Colin Craig fancies his party as a New Zealand equivalent of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Which begs the question, is it? What is UKIP about, and is Craig actually correct about this?

 Issue-based parties and LGBT politics
Posted in: Comment  25th January 2014
With the launch of Kim Dotcom's new Internet Party, issue-based parties are in the New Zealand political spotlight. How successful are these parties and how do they reflect LGBTI concerns?