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Sunday 23 April 2017

 The Way We Were
Posted in: Our Communities, Comment  19th April 2017
The first of three Politics and Religion farewell articles covering a historical retrospective of LGBTI life and times in New Zealand/Aotearoa covered by over the last decade and a half.

 Russophilia: Why the Far Right Are Putin's Friends
Posted in: Comment  18th April 2017
Russophilia has become the preferred philosophical and foreign policy position of the world's rightist political and social movements.

 Breaking Bad in France?
Posted in: Comment  13th April 2017
It seems as if like the Netherlands, France may buck the trend toward anti-immigrant racist populist ascendancy. So who benefits from this?

 The Chechnya LGBTI Crisis
Posted in: Comment  4th April 2017
With tales about the possible arbitrary arrest and execution of LGBT Chechen citizens, it is time to background that troubled Muslim Central-Asian province of the Republic of Russia.

 An East Asian First?
Posted in: Comment  2nd April 2017
After a recent positive Taiwanese Constitutional Court decision, it now seems as if Taiwan will shortly become the first East Asian nation to pass civil marriage equality legislation. It's time to update that nation's history as well as its internal LGBTI rights record.

 Canada and Transgender Equality
Posted in: Comment  27th March 2017
As the world turns, Canada is entering the final stage of legislative debate before passing Bill C-16 into law.

 What "Other" Issues Concern Us?
Posted in: Comment  22nd March 2017
What "other"issuesshould concern LGBT inhabitants of New Zealand?

 Grey Rights?
Posted in: Comment  20th March 2017
The LGBTI stake in the superannuation debate.

 Adrift on the Ship of Fools
Posted in: Comment  10th March 2017
New Zealand's conservative Christian lobby groups are relatively silent, but it's highly probable that this won't last. At the moment, I'm reminded of the medieval myth of the "Ship of Fools", which zigzagged round German rivers without any apparent navigation.

 Virtuous Circle?
Posted in: Comment  23rd February 2017
Suddenly, it seems as if Labour and National have woken up to the fact that LGBTI New Zealanders are active citizens, who vote, join political parties and have clear policy preferences.

 Ask the US Christian Right First?!
Posted in: Comment  21st February 2017
Once again, Family First is trying desperately to draw attention to its failed imported campaign against transgender school student privacy, safety and health.

 Election 2017: What Should Our Priorities Be?
Posted in: Comment  13th February 2017
Prime Minister Bill English has now officially acknowledged that the forthcoming New Zealand election will be held on September 23, 2017. What should New Zealand LGBTI priorities be?

 Quacking Noises: Family First and Transgender Suicide
Posted in: Comment  12th February 2017
Conservative pressure group Family First has once again been caught 'cherry picking' when it comes to LGBT social and political issues. It is now claiming that transgender suicide is a 'myth.'

 Chad Goes Backward
Posted in: Comment  4th February 2017
Chad has now criminalised homosexuality, despite not having done so during its (French) colonial era. What led to this setback?

 Ominous signs in France
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2017
France has elections this year. Prospects don't seem good for the incumbent centre-left government.... and what about the National Front?