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Friday 25 July 2014

 Two-Way/Wrong Way?
Posted in: Comment  23rd July 2014
Craig Young: "I wish I didn't have to write this particular article, but the current policy stance of the Internet Mana Coalition leaves me no option."

 Comment: Education policy and lgbt concerns
Posted in: Comment  16th July 2014
Education policy is emerging as a major New Zealand election issue. How does it engage with lgbt voters?

 Pasifika, Political, and Proud
Posted in: Comment  12th July 2014
"I am a Pasifika voter. I am queer/ bisexual. I am accepted by my family and community. My past partners have been accepted by my family. Get over it. It’s certainly not a voting issue."

 Comment: In Whose House?
Posted in: Comment  9th July 2014
One of the chief election issues is the vexed question of housing policy and affordability. How does this affect us?

 Comment: Material Boys (and Girls)
Posted in: Comment  2nd July 2014
It would seem that the current New Zealand election campaign seems to be focusing significantly on material need questions, such as housing, unemployment, health and education. Where do we fit in within this context?

 P&R: Bobbing Off in Another Direction?
Posted in: Comment  27th June 2014
With only three months until the next election, the Christian Right is strangely quiet and apparently, considerably weakened ...

 Comment: The Yellow Hole?
Posted in: Comment  18th June 2014
John Banks' Auckland mayoral election donation scandal has concluded with a guilty verdict and the resignation of the former ACT leader, National Cabinet Minister and Epsom MP, leaving his former political party in a difficult situation.

 The shine and misery of LGBT boycotts
Posted in: Comment  12th June 2014
New Zealand born Russell Crowe became a target of an enraged on-line gay community for his opposition to boycott a Beverley Hills hotel in LA ...

 Conservative Religious Separatism: Lessons from Victoria
Posted in: Comment  11th June 2014
What does "religious separatism" mean, and why is this self-defeating form of ideological purity threatening to destroy Victorian Liberal/National Coalition Premier Dennis Napthine's state government? Could it happen here?

 The Injury of Transphobic Discrimination (Part Four)
Posted in: Comment  3rd June 2014
Craig Young looks at several recent Australian law journal reports on the passage of state trans-inclusive antidiscrimination laws. How have they worked in practice?

 The Injury of Transphobic Discrimination (Part 3)
Posted in: Comment  28th May 2014
In this third article on the injuries of transphobic discrimination, Craig Young summarises a third report. TranzNation was produced by the Australian Research Centre on Sex, Health and Society at LaTrobe University in Melbourne in 2007.

 The Injury of Transphobic Discrimination (Part 2)
Posted in: Comment  20th May 2014
The second research review intended to assist LGBT submissions in support for the addition of gender identity to the Human Rights Act focuses on Roberta Perkins' Transgender Lifestyle and HIV Risk.

 The Injury of Transphobic Discrimination (Part 1)
Posted in: Comment  12th May 2014’s Politics and Religion section is running a series on what content LGBT community members might want to put in submissions on a trans protection bid.

 Comment - Brunei: Abode of Pain
Posted in: Comment  8th May 2014
The Sultanate of Brunei is about to introduce shariah law and order the execution of lesbians and gay men. In this article, the Sultanate's history and the implications of shariah law will be described.

 Backgrounder: SOP 432- Submissions
Posted in: Comment  1st May 2014
Weirdly, the Christian Right seems to be unaware of the existence of Louisa Wall's amendment to the Human Rights Act 1993 to include gender identity ...