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Thursday 26 November 2015

 Constitutional Reform: When and How?
Posted in: Comment  25th November 2015
Flag changes and an entrenched Bill of Rights.

 There's No Heaven
Posted in: Comment  22nd November 2015
Why are LGBT religious institutions so weak in New Zealand? Are we necessarily missing out on any aspects of LGBT culture though not having such dimensions within our own community?

 No New Pariahs
Posted in: Comment  18th November 2015
In the wake of the ISIS/Daesh terrorist atrocity in Paris, it may be tempting to resort to knee-jerk racism and sectarianism. Of all people, the LGBT community should know much better says Craig Young.

 World Congress for Cunning Plans?
Posted in: Comment  5th November 2015
As Family First's anti-gay equality leader heads off to Salt Lake City to search for further inspiration, how relevant is the propaganda of the US Christian Right?

 Sexual Freedom: What If...?
Posted in: Comment  4th November 2015
Suppose that LGBT legislative reform and social history had gone down another route instead. What would it have been like?

 Envy and the Global Christian Right
Posted in: Comment  28th October 2015
This week in his political roundup Craig Young looks at the global Christian Right.

 Comment: Those in Peril on the Land?
Posted in: Comment  8th October 2015
LGBT Syrian refugees face three distinct ordeals- one from the brutal Assad regime in Damascus, one from the ISIS insurgents and another from Hungary's viciously right-wing Fidesz regime if they reach Europe. Let's deal with each in turn.

 P&R: Serco and transgender prisoner safety
Posted in: Comment, Features  5th October 2015
What is Serco, why is it allowed to continue to operate New Zealand prisons despite its lamentable safety record and how does the history of transgender prisoners’ rights fit into this situation?

 Comment: The Turnbull question
Posted in: Comment  1st October 2015
Now that Malcolm Turnbull has won power, what has happened to his social and constitutional liberalism?

 Comment: The End of Canada's Conservatives?
Posted in: Comment  25th September 2015
They've governed Canada since February 2006, but even conservative Canadian media outlines suggest that Canada's centre-right Harper administration is ailing. And religious social conservatives are frightened. Canada goes to the polls onOctober 19.

 Comment: Breaking the Abbott
Posted in: Comment, Features  15th September 2015
And so it ends. Across the Tasman, the governing federal Liberal Party caucus has voted to oust Tony Abbott after a secret ballot and replace him with Malcolm Turnbull.

 Comment: Only 1500?
Posted in: Comment  10th September 2015
With a growing humanitarian crisis in Europe from a wave of Syrian and North African asylum seekers, Craig Young says New Zealand's response is ridiculously inadequate.

 Chinese Autumn?
Posted in: Comment  3rd September 2015
There are signs that the new Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping, wants to reassert the power of the Communist Party of China. But in a ruggedly free market capitalist economy, what does this mean for China's tongzhi (LGBT) population?

 Ontario's sex education wars
Posted in: Comment  30th August 2015
When it comes to what we may encounter further down the LGBT legislative reform, Canada is usually a fairly good indication on most fronts. So, what is the situation with Ontario's new comprehensive sexuality education programme?

 Scotland and the (Dis) United Kingdom
Posted in: Comment  21st August 2015
It may be a 'sleeper' international news item, but according to BBC News, the issue of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom is once again back on the front burner. How has Scotland's distinctive identity affected its LGBT inhabitants?