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Thursday 18 September 2014

 Obituary: Ian Paisley (1926-2014)
Posted in: Comment  14th September 2014
Ian Paisley, former leader of the anti-gay Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, has died from cardiovascular complications at eighty-eight. Craig Young reviews his controversial life and political career.

 Steve Taylor and the Name Suppression Debate
Posted in: Comment  10th September 2014
Just when the Conservative Party might slither over the five percent threshold, is it going to be wrongfooted by one of its own candidates?

 Unmasking the Conservative Party?
Posted in: Comment  3rd September 2014
One troubling 3 News opinion poll had the Conservative Party within distance of MMP's five percent threshold. There are some things voters needs to know about Colin Craig and his entourage.

 Comment: The Fall of Judith Collins
Posted in: Comment  30th August 2014
Judith Collins has resigned her portfolio ... What are the implications of her spectacular fall from grace?

 Comment: Sledgehammer(ed)?
Posted in: Comment  28th August 2014
Dirty Politics is a dramatic reassertion of citizen involvement in New Zealand politics. Is it directly relevant to LGBT communities?

 John Key, Hackergate and the National Party list
Posted in: Comment  20th August 2014
Why did concern arise over the Prime Minister's stance on marriage equality and what about his attitude to other LGBT legislative reforms and social issues? The answer is blowing in the wind...or more prosaically, the opinion polls. It's called triangulation.

 Comment: (Not Sweet At All) Charity
Posted in: Comment  13th August 2014
The Supreme Court has overturned a string of decisions at lower jurisdictions; in this case, related to Greenpeace and its exclusion from the Charities Act 2004. As Family First was also excluded, what does this now mean?

 Comment: Turning Point?
Posted in: Comment  6th August 2014
. Current Labour leadership problems may be working themselves out and Cunliffe might benefit from robust and sustained debate, adverse major incumbent events for the Key administration and 'wild cards.'

 Comment: The Flat Blue Line?
Posted in: Comment  28th July 2014
As the time for New Zealand's September 20 election draws nearer, the Conservative Party seems strangely becalmed, almost in political limbo. Some of it is its own fault, while some of it is attributable to its would-be object of affection, the Key administration.

 Two-Way/Wrong Way?
Posted in: Comment  23rd July 2014
Craig Young: "I wish I didn't have to write this particular article, but the current policy stance of the Internet Mana Coalition leaves me no option."

 Comment: Education policy and lgbt concerns
Posted in: Comment  16th July 2014
Education policy is emerging as a major New Zealand election issue. How does it engage with lgbt voters?

 Pasifika, Political, and Proud
Posted in: Comment  12th July 2014
"I am a Pasifika voter. I am queer/ bisexual. I am accepted by my family and community. My past partners have been accepted by my family. Get over it. It’s certainly not a voting issue."

 Comment: In Whose House?
Posted in: Comment  9th July 2014
One of the chief election issues is the vexed question of housing policy and affordability. How does this affect us?

 Comment: Material Boys (and Girls)
Posted in: Comment  2nd July 2014
It would seem that the current New Zealand election campaign seems to be focusing significantly on material need questions, such as housing, unemployment, health and education. Where do we fit in within this context?

 P&R: Bobbing Off in Another Direction?
Posted in: Comment  27th June 2014
With only three months until the next election, the Christian Right is strangely quiet and apparently, considerably weakened ...