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Friday 29 July 2016

 Romania and Marriage Equality
Posted in: Comment  28th July 2016
Romania has had the usual inertial drag problems that many other Eastern Europe societies have with LGBTI rights and now things may be getting worse there once more.

 Meanwhile, in the Real World...
Posted in: Comment  26th July 2016
The US Democratic Party is holding its own national party convention in Philadelphia. And what a contrast from the Republican Party parade of the weird and wrathful it is.

 Less Than This
Posted in: Comment  25th July 2016

 Brazil: Glamour and Gunfire
Posted in: Comment  23rd July 2016

Posted in: Comment  22nd July 2016
Opponents of marriage equality in New Zealand are strangely silent about the Australian marriage equality plebiscite. Why is this, and what brought on this change of mind?

 Blood on the crescent
Posted in: Comment  21st July 2016
Turkey is currently experiencing the aftermath of a coup attempt and reprisals by Islamist President Erdogan. How does Turkey treat its LGBTI inhabitants and how are they faring amidst the crackdown?

 Beware Falling Elephants?
Posted in: Comment  18th July 2016
Not content with having selected clueless media celebrity demagogue Donald Trump as their presidential nominee, the US Republican Party seeks to add insult to injury when it comes to their manifesto, or, as it is called within US politics, "party platform.' It isn't pleasant reading.

 Breaking Britain?
Posted in: Comment  12th July 2016

 Moral Unpanic
Posted in: Comment  11th July 2016
It isn't hard at all not to feel sorry for Family First's latest fiasco, which is the total and abject failure of their abortive moral panic against transgender school student use of gender appropriate toilets.

 Please Explain, Australia
Posted in: Comment  8th July 2016

 Homo Horrors #1: Banks' fixation on sodomy
Posted in: Features, Comment  5th July 2016
As we head into the 30th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform a few examples of the rancour that spewed forth from the anti-reform campaigners have caught our eye. Here's today's examples...

 MMP versus STV?
Posted in: Comment  4th July 2016
Which electoral system best keeps unrepresentative sectional microparties out of national parliaments? As Australia's federal election approaches, this represents an opportunity to compare Australia's single transferable vote electoral system with New Zealand's MMP.

 This Dreamworld Has Got To End
Posted in: Comment  29th June 2016

 Brexit: Dregs of Victory?
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
I should confess that I prepared two alternative articles on this subject, given that the result was likely to be close. If you're reading this one, it is because the Brexit side has narrowly won the British European Union membership referendum against its Remain opponents.

 Trans-Versing the Gap(s)
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2016
Although much LGBTI news focus has been overseas dealing with Orlando, Xalapa and the British and Australian elections, there is the enduring issue of transgender rights in New Zealand. Fortunately, there is progress to report on this front.