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Thursday 29 June 2017

 Obituary: Eddie Long (1953-2017)
Posted in: Features  16th January 2017
The death of Brian Tamaki's fundamentalist 'overseer', Eddie Long, raises questions about the future of Destiny Church.

 Top 12 2016 World Politics and Religion Stories
Posted in: Features  22nd December 2016
Politics and religion impact directly, and sometimes viciously, on the lives of most glbti people around the world. Craig Young guides you through the best and worst of 2016.

 Introducing Paul Foster-Bell MP - pt 2
Posted in: Community, Features  12th December 2016
The National MP who publicly outed himself just over a week ago talks about being openly gay in the National party and the issues faced by glbti people he feels need addressing.

 Introducing Paul Foster-Bell MP
Posted in: Our Communities, Features  10th December 2016
The National MP who outed himself to publicly slam homophobic church leader Brian Tamaki talks about his conservative upbringing and his distant relationship with his father.

 Auckland's Good, Bad and Ugly mayors
Posted in: Features  22nd November 2015
The Auckland City mayoralty over the past thirty years has see-sawed backwards and forwards between conservative and liberal, homophobic and pro-glbti equality.

 Advance Australia fair
Posted in: Features  19th August 2015
Today marks two years since marriage equality came into effect in New Zealand. Jacqui Stanford writes that Australia has nothing to fear from welcoming a change that is about nothing but love.

 Aus marriage Bill introduced to Parliament
Posted in: Features  17th August 2015
"This bill is designed to create an inclusive Australia, not a divided one" - Warren Entsch has presented a marriage equality bill in Australia, as a poll has found 69 per cent of Aussies back same-sex marriage. Yet, it appears clear the Bill won't be going to a vote.

 Louisa Wall's speech to Pacific Free & Equal campaign
Posted in: Features  7th August 2015
"We are citizens of our respective countries and we are not criminals," Louisa Wall has told the launch of a Pacific lgbti equality initiative.

 "Let them know they are loved"
Posted in: Features  3rd August 2015
“There are a thousand realities about your children that you have no control over. The one you do have control over is to let them know that they are loved by you no matter what,” says visiting American activist-theologian Brian McLaren.

 Penny Wong's marriage equality speech
Posted in: Features  29th July 2015
Lesbian Australian Labor Senator Penny Wong delivered an emotional speech on same-sex marriage at the party’s national conference, saying “there is nothing to fear from equality”.

 Reaching out to 'Silent Gays'
Posted in: Features  22nd July 2015
Jim Marjoram writes on how he is trying to reach those in our communities who have been hurt by experiences with religion, and create a safe space to reconnect with their spirituality.

 Report: Gay asylum seekers living in fear on Manus Island
Posted in: Features  19th July 2015
A new report has raised concerns about the treatment of gay asylum seekers who are being mistreated in Australia's detention centre, and who fear their fate if they are resettled in PNG - where gay sex is illegal.

 Family First goes on anti-trans witch hunt
Posted in: Features  30th June 2015
A leading NZ transgender advocate is dismissing a report purporting to offer expertise on gender identity, which anti-lgbti group Family First has commissioned to “warn parents and schools”.

 Watch: Shorten introduces Aus marriage bill
Posted in: Features  1st June 2015
Australia's opposition leader has introduced Labor’s Marriage Equality Bill, stating: "On marriage equality, for too long, we in this Parliament have been following, not leading."

 Open letter to Jonathan Coleman
Posted in: Features  20th May 2015
Trans woman Diane Sparkes has written to Health Minister Jonathan Coleman, who she says like every other cisgender person in New Zealand "has never had to walk in our shoes".