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Monday 24 November 2014

 Rugby, Beer, Rock ‘n’ Roll – Robertson launches leadership bid
Posted in: Features, Blogger Zone  19th October 2014
Craig Hoyle went along to the Labour leadership campaign launch of rugby-loving Wellington grandfather Grant Robertson.

 Editorial: Grant Robertson's gay. Get over it.
Posted in: Features  30th September 2014
Cue the music, dim the lights, here we go again with another round of the popular game show "Is New Zealand Ready for a Gay Prime Minister!"

 Some of Maryan Street's greatest hits
Posted in: Features  25th September 2014
She’s sharp, she’s passionate and she’s witty. Did you know she also has a damn fine singing voice? Or why she was driven to be out?

 Election 2014: What does it all mean?
Posted in: Features  21st September 2014
The left has been dealt a stinging blow, with National romping to an easy victory. There are plenty of side notes too: Winston Peters has an entourage, there are lots of new MPs we don’t know much about, plenty of allies, and the loss of Maryan Street.

 Election 2014 live
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
Fewer gay MPs and Parliament loses a powerhouse lesbian, Conservatives out in the cold, and drama, drama, drama... read how election night unfolded through glbti eyes!

 Election 2014: Lgbti candidates
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
Lgbti candidates are standing from Whangarei to Southland this election, and the range is not only geographically wide.

 Lgbti election guide
Posted in: Features  20th September 2014
While there are many issues which are bound to impact your vote this election, we take a look at parties’ records on lgbti issues, and what you can expect if they have significant influence.

 Candidate Q&A: Maddy Drew
Posted in: Features  19th September 2014
Queer 32-year-old public servant Maddy Drew is standing for the Green Party in Otaki. She answers our candidate Q&A.

 Dragulator: the politics edition
Posted in: Features  18th September 2014
Plenty of hard questions have been asked this election campaign. Let's take a moment for an utterly ridiculous one: which party leader looks better in drag?

 Candidate catch-up: Damian Light
Posted in: Features  16th September 2014
Gay Aucklander Damian Light is third on the UnitedFuture list, meaning if his party can rake in enough party vote, he’d be an MP on the back of leader Peter Dunne retaining his seat.

 Greens: 'Love Rainbow Aotearoa'
Posted in: Features, Features  14th September 2014
The Green Party has released what it described as "the best rainbow policy" and pointed to its track record of being the only party to consistently vote unanimously for lgbti rights.

 "Why is it so important to vote?"
Posted in: Features  13th September 2014
We asked a range of people a simple question, ‘why is it so important to vote?’ A week from Election Day, they share their thoughts on why your voice matters.

 Highlights: AUSA Pride Debate
Posted in: Features  28th August 2014
Check out our rundown of the GLBTI election debate that was held as part of Auckland University's Pride Week.

 Three gender options: they already exist
Posted in: Features  28th August 2014
An incorrect report that Labour’s Rainbow election policy includes a push for three gender options on driver’s licences and passports has prompted transphobic disgust and outrage.

 Comment: Your own personal Jesus
Posted in: Features  27th August 2014
"Can we also find peace, strength, support and inspiration in spirituality? Are we equally welcomed and fully embraced by religious institutions along with heterosexuals?"