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Thursday 28 August 2014

 A look at Dirty Politics
Posted in: Features  18th August 2014
Among the many claims of murky behaviour in Dirty Politics is collusion to get conservative, hard right and ultimately anti-gay MPs into National’s ranks.

 Candidate profile: Richard Hills
Posted in: Features  12th August 2014
Gay Aucklander and passionate political hopeful Richard Hills is standing for Labour in Northcote. He answers a series of questions and pleads “enrol and vote!”

 Ugandan lawyer: 'Long, Long Way to Go'
Posted in: Features  10th August 2014
"It's an American group driving this debate at home .. people in Uganda are struggling about food, employment, medical care ... not homosexuality—that was a non-issue."

 RW Forum: Maurice Williamson
Posted in: Features  8th August 2014
Full of colourful quotes like usual, National's Maurice Williamson basically reiterated his personal libertarian views and pledged we’ll have his vote on conscience issues.

 From the Rainbow Wellington Forum: Kevin Hague
Posted in: Features  5th August 2014
Gay Green MP Kevin Hague addressed a few issues close to his heart at the Rainbow Wellington pre-election forum: health, trans rights, homophobic bullying and HIV prevention.

 Gay asylum seeker fearful of going back
Posted in: Features  5th August 2014
From The Age: He says they told him to go back to where he came from. They said in this country, where he moved when he was a young boy, being gay was not OK.

 What the?!
Posted in: Features  3rd August 2014
We look at some of the nonsense that’s dribbled out of the mouths of some of New Zealand’s premier lgbti 'experts' lately. (FYI: they are not experts!)

 Victory in Uganda, but More Work Ahead
Posted in: Features  2nd August 2014
"Uganda's constitutional court took a positive step when it ruled that the dreaded Anti-Homosexuality Act is unconstitutional," writes Maria Burnett from Human Rights Watch.

 From the RW Forum: Labour's Maryan Street
Posted in: Features  1st August 2014
Labour MP Maryan Street focused on adoption, transgender issues and her passion for ensuring our kids are safe, in a "sneak preview" of Labour's Rainbow policy.

 Rainbow Wellington Election Forum
Posted in: Features  29th July 2014
A rolling look at Rainbow Wellington's pre-election Candidates' Forum, where Labour, the Greens, National, Mana, the Internet Party and the Maori Party had speakers.

 Abraham Naim: an open letter to the people of Maldives
Posted in: Features  27th July 2014
"There have been a lot of things said about me in the media back home, and I would like to say a few things in response."

 Through rainbow glasses: MPs' legacies
Posted in: Features  23rd July 2014
Several MPs are saying goodbye to Parliament before the election. Some, we won’t miss. Others were solid. And then there are those who will reserve a special place in our history.

 Decades on ... still fighting for clarity
Posted in: Features  9th July 2014
The derailing of the latest move to clearly and specifically ensure protection from discrimination on the basis of gender identity has been met with a giant sigh of frustration.

 Rainbow Labour update
Posted in: Features  7th July 2014
It’s been a busy weekend for the Rainbow Labour team at the party’s Congress in Wellington. Its co-chairs offer an update, and say Labour’s ‘Rainbow Manifesto’ is coming soon.

 Brushing with Destiny Pt3: Marches, marriage & kids
Posted in: Features  29th June 2014
Mana party senior staffer Jevan Goulter talks about hikoi, marriage, and adoption by "sleazy" older gay men... which he believes is a recipe for child abuse.