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Friday 31 October 2014

 Ask our expert: Cervical smears
Posted in: Ask Our Expert, Health & HIV  21st October 2014
A woman asks: “I have been told that because I only sleep with women that I don’t need to get regular smears, is this true?” Dr Hazel Lewis clears the issue up once and for all.

 Aussie couple’s amazing NZ wedding
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions  17th October 2014
Watch a video of highlights from the absolutely breathtakingly beautiful Queenstown nuptials of Angela and Sophie.

 Kiwis: Get in bed for Aussie equality!
Posted in: People  15th October 2014
New Zealanders are being sought to show their support for marriage equality across the Tasman with a John and Yoko style 'in bed' photo shoot.

 Urzila Carlson, on tying the knot
Posted in: Hall of Fame  13th October 2014
NZ’s most eminent lesbetarian comedian Urzila Carlson is getting married next month. She gives us the lowdown and explains why she thinks John Key should pay for all the same-sex weddings!

 Chris Olwage joins NOH8-ers
Posted in: Hall of Fame  1st October 2014
New Zealand’s 2013 Mr Gay World Chris Olwage has taken part in the NO H8 campaign, a photo blog which began in 2008 against California’s anti-equality Proposition 8.

 Mr Gay NZ: Why I quit Mr Gay World
Posted in: Community  23rd September 2014
In an exclusive interview Mr Gay NZ counters allegations levelled at him by the organisers of the Mr Gay World contest.

 Watch: Urzila Carlson's TED Talk
Posted in: Hall of Fame  16th September 2014
Urzila talks about her life, how she came to be a comedian plus her philosophy on giving things a go and having no regrets. "As long as you suck in air you have opportunity at your door!"

 Off the Wall: Decoding the 'gay' code
Posted in: NZ Writing  10th September 2014
"It would be natural that eyes reveal a man's sexuality. That mystical gay gaze. Something just happens when you catch a guy's eye and you then instantly 'know'."

 Watch: Falcons fly in final
Posted in: Hall of Fame  1st September 2014
See the Falcons and their almighty haka in action in this video from the Bingham Bowl final at the Bingham Cup in Sydney. See all the big hits, fend-offs and breakaway magic here!

 Rugby: Sydney win cup, NZers win bowl
Posted in: Hall of Fame  31st August 2014
The New Zealand Falcons have won the Bingham Bowl 25-19 over an Irish-American side in a show of grit and determination in an exhausting encounter at the Bingham Cup.

 "I regret that his jaw was broken"
Posted in: True Stories  30th August 2014
Gay Queenstown man Ricardo Edwards tells us he just snapped when he punched a homophobic Australian man in a bar.

 Bingham Cup here we come!
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd August 2014
Bingham Cup festivities begin on Sunday with welcome drinks. We profile a pair of Falcons players to get you warmed up.

 A year on: a snapshot of NZ couples
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions  20th August 2014
Cambridge photographer Beverley Ashburner has put together a slideshow featuring New Zealand couples and families to mark a year of marriage equality. It's beautiful.

 Celebrating a year of marriage
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions  19th August 2014
Three married couples tell us how life has been since they wed, and what being married means to them - the magic of being able to say "wife" and "husband".

 Cast your vote for Mr Gay World
Posted in: People  18th August 2014
Public voting is open for the Mr Gay World competition, which starts in Rome on 25 August. Check out the 32 delegates and cast your vote here.