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Saturday 05 September 2015

 Watch: Marsha P Johnson biopic
Posted in: Hall of Fame  9th August 2015
A feature-length documentary on revolutionary trans-activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson who was a Stonewall instigator.

 Meet: RainbowYOUTH's Morgan Butler
Posted in: Community  5th August 2015
Morgan Butler had an upbringing which offers a unique perspective on culture, family, religion and acceptance, something which is helping the passionate youth worker relate to a wide range of queer and trans youth.

 Tabby's whirlwind journey
Posted in: Hall of Fame  30th July 2015
Yes she met the Queen, but Tabby Besley says the real highlight of her trip was spending time with other young leaders from all over the world - and gathering inspiration to bring home.

 Pics from Blake and Saul's wedding
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Weddings & Civil Unions  28th July 2015
Check out pictures from Blake Skjellerup and Saul Carrasco's Hawaii wedding - so utterly adorable!

 Becoming mums: A sense of community
Posted in: True Stories  21st June 2015
"Just hearing ‘we’ve been there and done that and are here for you’ is more reassuring than you could imagine," writes Jacqui Stanford.

 Counting down to 30 years: remembering Bruce Burnett
Posted in: Hall of Fame  12th June 2015
We’re readying for 30 years of Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand by marking some of the milestones along the way. This month marks 30 years since HIV prevention pioneer Bruce Burnett died.

 Want to join a glbt/queer writing group?
Posted in: Books, NZ Writing  9th June 2015
Auckland based writer/editor Lynne Jamneck is interested in establishing a GLBT/Queer writing group with a particular focus on genre writers.

 "Don't steal my slogan!" - Ribena reclaims 'gaypower'
Posted in: People  5th June 2015
Auckland drag institution Miss Ribena has hit out at Brian Tamaki for distorting her “gaypower” slogan, saying it’s something that’s all about love – not hate.

 Nothing but aroha: Lee and Sandra's wedding
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions, Our Communities  18th May 2015’s Jay Bennie attended the Rotorua wedding of Lee Bransden and Sandra Yates. He writes of a day that was all about love.

 The importance of personal histories
Posted in: True Stories  16th May 2015
Renee wants us to write our histories. The Otaki resident is in Auckland for the Writers Festival giving advice on how to get started telling your life story.

 Dame Gillian's tribute to Jack Body
Posted in: Hall of Fame  11th May 2015
Dame Gillian Whitehead’s tribute to gay composer Jack Body honours his contribution to the arts in New Zealand beautifully.

 Digging in for Nepal: Aaron's latest challenge
Posted in: Hall of Fame  9th May 2015
We share the inspiring story of gay athlete Aaron Fleming, and find out about his latest fundraising venture, where he’s helping a friend raise money for a quake-destroyed village in Nepal.

 Lee and Sandra just want to get married
Posted in: True Stories  4th May 2015
A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help Tasmanian couple Lee Bransden and Sandra Yates get married in New Zealand - Lee has just weeks to live.

 A gay medic’s war diary
Posted in: True Stories  25th April 2015
David Wildey, a young New Zealand medic stationed in the Pacific during the Second World War, kept a diary in which he wrote about a passionate romance with a combat soldier.

 Becoming mums part one: hi baby!
Posted in: True Stories  16th April 2015
"Seeing our baby at an ultrasound for the first time is one of the most astounding experiences of my life so far," writes Jacqui Stanford, who is embarking on the journey of becoming a mum.