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Sunday 26 June 2016

 My Life Before HLR: Craig Young
Posted in: People  24th June 2016
Michael Stevens and I are almost the same age, but living in different cities seems to have had profoundly different effects on our experience of homosexual law reform.

 The reality of LGBTI life in Mexico
Posted in: People  19th June 2016
A gay Mexican human rights advocate speaks about the reality of crimes against LGBTI people in Mexico and the response he hopes to see from the global community following the Xalapa bar mass shooting.

 "I am Muslim and gay"
Posted in: People  14th June 2016
I woke up on the morning of 13th June at 4:30 am. It is the month of Ramadan. I had my feast before sunrise and prayed. I checked my Facebook and I was devastated by the news [from Orlando]. It was soon discovered that the man had a Muslim name.

 My Life Before Law Reform: Michael Stevens
Posted in: True Stories  10th June 2016
I was a very active criminal in this country up until the age of 25, when Homosexual Law Reform passed... being a criminal simply for whom we loved or lusted after had a major effect.

 Review: The magnificent life and times of Niccole Duval
Posted in: People  9th June 2016
Hundreds of photos from the private collection of Niccole Duval provide a remarkable window onto a a crucial part of the emerging glbti communities of decades past.

 LGBTI youth changemakers: Whiti Timutimu
Posted in: Community  8th June 2016
Whiti Timutimu helped start Giosborne's Qmunity Youth Group which received a Youth Week Award. She talks about the big issues facing LGBTI youth and the work she does to support them.

 LGBTI youth changemakers: Alex Bramwell
Posted in: People  7th June 2016
Alex Bramwell recently recieved a Youth Week Changemaker Awardfor her work with Waikato Queer Youth. We learn what life was like for her growing up and her passion for working with LGBTI youth.

 LGBTI youth changemakers: Bella Simpson
Posted in: Community  3rd June 2016
Bella Simpson is one of the amazing young LGBTI change-makers recently recognised at the Youth Week Awards. We chat to Bella about coming out, working with youth and the big issues facing trans youth today.

 World Press Photo Exhibition
Posted in: People  1st June 2016
Although they hadn't planned it, Emily and Kate got pregnant within weeks of each other through artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, respectively. Their sons were born within four days of each other, and the couple embraced the challenge of raising the two babies at once.

 In response to Peter Wells
Posted in: True Stories  31st May 2016
I read Peter Wells' piece on his memories of pre-law reform days with great interest but without recognising my own experience.

 In court: The major players
Posted in: People, Features  26th May 2016
In the coming days will bring you a series features based on the death of Ihaia Gillman-Harris and his murderers' trial. Here's a run-down of the main players who appeared in court.

 My Life Before Law Reform: Peter Wells
Posted in: People  23rd May 2016
"Anger is what I remember most about the pre-HLR days."

 Technology for change
Posted in: People  18th May 2016
Lydia Watson, Joanna Li and Piper Whitehe are three very talented students from Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland, who have created Loocation, an app that has the potential to be a game-changer for gender-diverse people in the city.

 The future is bright
Posted in: Community  12th May 2016
Aych McArdle is a tireless community worker and a familiar face in the LGBTI communities. We chat to them as they prepare to head to Geneva for a Human Rights Defenders programme.

 Your guide to divorce in New Zealand
Posted in: People  8th May 2016
If you have come to the decision to end your marriage or civil union and are thinking about applying for a divorce, here is a breakdown of the steps you will need to take and the requirements to do so.