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Thursday 24 July 2014

 The legacy of Corporal Dougie Hughes
Posted in: True Stories  20th July 2014
Despite being muzzled by a Coroner's order the New Zealand Defence Force indicates it has learned some lessons from the tragic death of a gay soldier.

 Watch: Ian Thorpe - "I'm not straight"
Posted in: True Stories  14th July 2014
Aussie Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe tells Sir Michael Parkinson "I've thought about this for a long time. I'm not straight. I'm comfortable saying that I'm a gay man."

 Nigel Latta on same-sex parenting
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Ask Our Expert  6th July 2014
We just stumbled across a gem of a blog from psychologist Nigel Latta, who offers heartwarming common sense on the issue conservatives like to beat their drums so loudly about.

 Victor Rodger - on writing Black Faggot
Posted in: Hall of Fame  26th June 2014
Black Faggot was inspired when Victor Rodger was watching the Enough is Enough marches and thought "well at least one of those sons will be gay and will feel stink about themselves ..."

 Tributes: Feminist icon Pat Rosier
Posted in: Hall of Fame  17th June 2014
Writer Pat Rosier is being remembered as a feminist pioneer and an important writer who is already sorely missed.

 The beautiful men of the beautiful game
Posted in: People  15th June 2014
Here at we take our sport seriously. Particularly when it’s a sport loaded with delicious men. We present the gorgeous men of the Football World Cup, 2014 edition.

 A few words before moving on: Jason Myers
Posted in: Community, Health & HIV  11th June 2014
As Jason Myers leaves the NZAF, he muses on the concept of community, and issues a firm challenge.

 Watch: Good Sort Karen Ritchie
Posted in: Hall of Fame  9th June 2014
Mum of K' Rd and friend to many Karen Ritchie has featured on One News segment Good Sorts. Watch it here.

 Carmen's unveiling in pictures
Posted in: Hall of Fame  7th June 2014
Carmen's headstone has been unveiled at Sydney's Rookwood cemetery, in the presence of friends and family.

 Queen of Queens 2014: Peter Taylor
Posted in: Hall of Fame  2nd June 2014
Peter Taylor gave our communities a supremely positive example of how to deal with a difficult life and inevitable death, and how to celebrate life with good cheer and determination.

 Heta and Geoff: Dancing stars
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd May 2014
Dance partners Heta Timu and Geoff Melvin are home from the Darwin Asia Pacific Outgames with a haul of no less than seven medals. “We did ok,” the modest pair tells

 Blake honoured by GLAAD
Posted in: Hall of Fame  14th May 2014
New Zealand's own Blake Skjellerup was among the athletes GLAAD honoured for being brave and true at its recent awards.

 Send a Kiwi ref to the Bingham Cup!
Posted in: True Stories  14th May 2014
Ref Jack Cottrell and his whistle would love to be part of the Bingham Cup in Sydney in August. He just needs a little help from the community to get there.

 Abuse of Trust Pt 4: Justice
Posted in: True Stories  11th May 2014
A second sexual assault complainant initiates a chain of events which finally sees Silipa Take called to account for his reprehensible actions.

 Abuse of Trust Pt 3: Victims ignored
Posted in: True Stories  10th May 2014
Following a formal complaint of sexual assault Silipa Take hurriedly resigns, but no-one follows up with his other clients and it emerges NZAF staffers already knew there was a problem.