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Monday 15 February 2016

 Pronouns and video games
Posted in: Community  10th February 2016
From their first introduction to the Legacy Project in 2014, encouraged by friend Joni to audition for an acting position, Iana Grace is back again, this time as writer of The Pronoun Game.

 GLBTI lives: Craig Watson
Posted in: People  7th February 2016
Get to know Proud to Play organiser Craig Watson.

 LarzRanda Bares All
Posted in: People  30th January 2016
"I remember someone suggesting exposing my chest and thinking it would feel really right because rapping the lyrics had already made me feel really bare.”

 GLBTI lives: Chris Olwage
Posted in: People  23rd January 2016
Next up for our summer series we talk to Chris Olwage, New Zealand’s very own Black Swan, about his life in the spotlight and working in the LGBTI community.

 Part two: GrammarPride and the importance of storytelling
Posted in: People  22nd January 2016
In part two of our look into the GrammarPride blog, we chat to co-creator Henry Yuen about his motivations and speaking out against homophobia.

 Part One: Change-making at Grammar
Posted in: People  20th January 2016
Meet one of the passionate young men behind the GrammarPride blog; a platform for past and present pupils of Auckland Grammar School to share their experiences of coming to terms with their sexuality and dealing with homophobia.

 GLBTI lives: Hahna Briggs
Posted in: Community  18th January 2016
For Queer Support Coordinator at Otago University, Hahna Briggs, coming out and giving back to the community has been a journey that has brought clarity and a passion for change.

 Obituary: Modern Love? David Bowie: 1947-2016
Posted in: People  14th January 2016
David Bowie was musical impresario, whose creative work ranged from songwriting to acting, a talented performer until his recent death from cancer, just after the release of what turned out to be his valedictory album.

 Glbti lives: Allyson Hamblett
Posted in: Community  13th January 2016
Transgender rights advocate Allyson Hamblett is next in line for our summer series profiling our great LGBTI community leaders and change-makers around the country.

 GLBTI lives: Toni Duder
Posted in: Community  9th January 2016
Toni Duder is one of our great young community change-makers, especially through her role as the RainbowYOUTH Communications Manager.

 GLBTI Lives: Grant Robertson
Posted in: Community  8th January 2016
Rainbow Labour MP Grant Robertson is the next up for our series profiling people who have been positively influencing the way we glbti people live our lives.

 Obituary: Robert Spitzer (1932-2015)
Posted in: People  6th January 2016
Obituary of Robert Spitzer; a pivotal figure in the depathologisation of homosexuality within mainstream mental health practice.

 Glbti lives: Helen Jacobi
Posted in: Community  4th January 2016
In this summer series profiling LGBTI community advocates and change makers, we chat to ally of the LGBTI community: Rev Helen Jacobi, Vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City. New Year Dishonours for 2015
Posted in: People  2nd January 2016
As we gaze optimistically into the new year let's not forget that in 2015 some folks did some really shite things to glbti folk, either individually or as a group... New Years Honours for 2015
Posted in: Hall of Fame  1st January 2016
It's time to acknowledge a group of people who have made a significant and long-lasting difference in the lives of glbti New Zealanders during the past year.