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Monday 22 December 2014

Posted in: True Stories  15th December 2014
Shelley Howard was able to change her name, but left with the title ‘Mr’ by her bank. But, with the advocacy of Overwatch and quick action from Westpac management, that changed quickly.

 Justice Matthew Muir - My Life
Posted in: Hall of Fame  11th December 2014
Dagging, Fluffy Ducks, mountain climbing, flying, traffic fines, anxiety and, always, the man he loves... in his own words, Matthew Muir recounts some of the ups and downs of his life so far.

 Editorial: Another milestone towards glbti equality
Posted in: Community  8th December 2014
History was made at the High Court in Auckland on Friday, and in the Beehive a couple of months ago, with two openly gay men in hither-to unthinkable official public roles.

 Matthew Muir, Welcome to the High Court
Posted in: People, Our Communities  6th December 2014
In a landmark address Chief Justice Sian Elias welcomes NZ's first openly gay High Court judge to the bench and acknowledges his sexuality, skills and social change since HLR.

 Parents who are getting it right
Posted in: True Stories  3rd December 2014
For all too many of us, coming out to parents can be one of the toughest experiences of our lives ... so we’ve decided to celebrate parents who are quite simply awesome.

 HoH Pride: Marcia and Alexia's story
Posted in: True Stories  1st December 2014
Marcia Taylor is a derby girl known as 'Meat Train' who happens to have hearing loss. Alexia Garbutt is the girl who loves her. She shares their story.

 Road Trip: visiting Jacquie Grant
Posted in: Hall of Fame  26th November 2014
The one and only Jacquie Grant of Hokitika features in this episode of webseries Road Trip - have a watch and find out more about her fascinating life!

 A safer place to call home
Posted in: True Stories  20th November 2014
Now settled in Auckland, Colombian refugee Eliana Rubashkyn says it’s wonderful to be somewhere where she no longer has to be afraid to be herself.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Mathijs Lucassen
Posted in: True Stories  19th November 2014
Mathijs Lucassen first became involved with RainbowYOUTH when he moved to Auckland in the mid-90s. Now he is an executive advisor to its board.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Briana's story
Posted in: True Stories  19th November 2014
As we mark RainbowYOUTH's 25th birthday celebrations, 18-year-old Briana tells us what it was like attending for the first time, and what impact the organisation's had.

 Meet: 2014 Mr Bear Canterbury Simon Henderson
Posted in: Hall of Fame  17th November 2014
The new Mr Bear Canterbury is Simon Henderson, a 42-year-old budding interior designer who has a performance art coming out story to remember!

 Gabe writes: "Enough is enough"
Posted in: True Stories  13th November 2014
"This GLBTI community where everybody is ‘pro equality and acceptance’ is the ONLY community where I have ever felt judged, hated or bullied."

 NZ rower: I am proud and glad to be gay
Posted in: Hall of Fame, New Zealand Daily News  5th November 2014
Robbie Manson hopes his story shows "not only that it's ok to be gay, but it's a good thing, and it won't change who you are or limit what you can achieve."

 Tough Love: Alexander's story
Posted in: True Stories  1st November 2014
"Alexander Lowe" recounts his harrowing personal story of surviving same-sex partner abuse, in an effort to shine a light on an issue he worries is being ignored.

 Ask our expert: Cervical smears
Posted in: Ask Our Expert, Health & HIV  21st October 2014
A woman asks: “I have been told that because I only sleep with women that I don’t need to get regular smears, is this true?” Dr Hazel Lewis clears the issue up once and for all.