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Saturday 01 November 2014

 "I regret that his jaw was broken"
Posted in: True Stories  30th August 2014
Gay Queenstown man Ricardo Edwards tells us he just snapped when he punched a homophobic Australian man in a bar.

 Kelly Ellis: Privilege Lost
Posted in: True Stories  31st July 2014
"Having my genitals talked about, being called a man, having comments made about my teeth and hair so offended me that I avoided reading them until long after I’d been told of it."

 The legacy of Corporal Dougie Hughes
Posted in: True Stories  20th July 2014
Despite being muzzled by a Coroner's order the New Zealand Defence Force indicates it has learned some lessons from the tragic death of a gay soldier.

 Watch: Ian Thorpe - "I'm not straight"
Posted in: True Stories  14th July 2014
Aussie Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe tells Sir Michael Parkinson "I've thought about this for a long time. I'm not straight. I'm comfortable saying that I'm a gay man."

 Send a Kiwi ref to the Bingham Cup!
Posted in: True Stories  14th May 2014
Ref Jack Cottrell and his whistle would love to be part of the Bingham Cup in Sydney in August. He just needs a little help from the community to get there.

 Abuse of Trust Pt 4: Justice
Posted in: True Stories  11th May 2014
A second sexual assault complainant initiates a chain of events which finally sees Silipa Take called to account for his reprehensible actions.

 Abuse of Trust Pt 3: Victims ignored
Posted in: True Stories  10th May 2014
Following a formal complaint of sexual assault Silipa Take hurriedly resigns, but no-one follows up with his other clients and it emerges NZAF staffers already knew there was a problem.

 Abuse of Trust: Pt 2 - The assaults
Posted in: True Stories  4th May 2014
We take you behind the closed door of counsellor Silipa Take's consulting room where some of the men he sexually assaulted didn't even know that it was happening ...

 Abuse of Trust: Pt 1 - The trap
Posted in: True Stories  3rd May 2014
Ten vulnerable men were sexually assaulted by a sexual health counsellor they thought they could trust. It took over four years for help to arrive and justice to be done.

 Harley's story
Posted in: True Stories  31st March 2014
Zakk's d'Larte's story of overcoming high school nastiness inspired Harley to tell his heart-breaking tale of school-yard bullying.

 Why I marched in Pride
Posted in: True Stories  25th February 2014
"It's ... about the teenage Mike Horrell in the audience, who thinks because he's gay, he can't play rugby".

 Changing Paradigms
Posted in: True Stories  24th February 2014
Former soldier Shelley Howard, who marched with the Defence Force on Saturday, offers the rather stunning "Notes on the second Auckland Pride Parade by an ex-Sapper turned old Queen".

 Tribute to a fallen Hero
Posted in: True Stories  24th February 2014
Gav Hyde wore a black armband in the Auckland Pride Parade. It was to remember one of his Heroes team mates, Hal Tainui, who he says was a stubborn, determined, bitchy and beautiful man.

 "That horrible suitcase"
Posted in: True Stories  15th October 2013
"I am a white heterosexual male. This trifecta of privilege means that I'm not routinely subjected to prejudice. But for a few minutes I got to walk in the shoes of a gay person in a public place."

 Attacked and dismissed: a gay Aussie's warning
Posted in: True Stories  12th October 2013
Zac Damelian was sexually assaulted in a Melbourne public toilet block, and then met with ridicule when he reported it at a nearby police station. He tells more.