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Friday 30 June 2017

 History: When We Rise
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  3rd March 2017
As a drama the reviews are mixed but as a chronicle of the birth of the gay rights movement in the USA the TV series When We Rise is definitely worth watching. (March 14 to 14 only)

 The origins of Gay Pride
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  22nd February 2017
With Auckland Pride drawing to a close and Wellington Pride starting on March 3rd it's worth reflecting on the origins and history of the glbti Pride movement. Miss Wikipedia explains it all...

 Looking back: George Michael
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Entertainment  31st December 2016
For a comprehensive look back at the late George Michael's amazing career and sometimes controversial personal life click here.

 The toilet access issue
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  9th December 2016
For many people, including transgender folk, access to appropriate toilets is still a problem. Chch-based Speak Up-Korerotia looks at this issue.

 Gay boxers around the world
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  7th December 2016
As the hype ramps up around the Joseph Parker WBO World Heavyweight Title fight this weekend here's a listing of some notable glbti boxers.

 The bad times: When Ellen DeGeneres came out
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  24th November 2016
It's easy to forget the uproar and viciousness which was directed at US comedienne and TV star Ellen DeGeneres when she came out in 1996.

 The 'I' in GLBTI: Growing up Intersex
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  23rd October 2016
Wednesday October 6th is Intersex Awareness Day... here's an insight into growing up with a 'non-standard' gender as common as red hair.

 Will and Grace vs Trump and Hillary
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  27th September 2016
The cast of Will and Grace, the TV show that did much to break the gay glass ceiling in American sitcoms has re-formed ten years on for their take on the Hillary vs Trump US election.

 Remembering Mark Bingham
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  12th September 2016
Gay rugby player Mark Bingham was one of the passengers who tried to overpower murderous terrorists in the infamous 9/11 aircraft attacks on the USA.

 Police entrapment of gays in Egypt
Posted in: Worth Checking Out  20th August 2016
Entrapment thru hook-up apps are just one of the fears gay Egyptians must now face following the resurgence of the hated Egyptian police.