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Thursday 03 September 2015

 GaySkiWeekQT: Days 5&6 Caluzzi girls rule!
Posted in: Our Communities  2nd September 2015
A sell-out Skyline venue, fabulous and fun drag, some good sports and a great view last night at the Caluzzi Queens Cabaret Night!

 GaySkiWeekQT: Days 3&4 - On the slopes
Posted in: Our Communities  1st September 2015
Noon: Cardrona was great yesterday, Quiz Night was a hoot and this morning it's damn cold in Q'town with snow falling on the peaks.

 Outgames Update, August 30, 2015
Posted in: Our Communities, Out Games News  30th August 2015
It's been a while since we were able to talk with those working to revive the Asia Pacific Outgames which is still penciled in for Auckland in February. But progress is being made...

 GaySkiWeekQT: Days 1&2 - Recovery and foam
Posted in: Our Communities  29th August 2015
Update: A warm, wet night in cold, wintery Queenstown as the foam machines and music pump up the party atmoshpere...

 Shelley Howard: on 'coming out'
Posted in: Our Communities  23rd August 2015
"There really is a lot more open support and acceptance out there. But coming out to the people closest to us remains problematic."

 Michael Stevens: Two years on
Posted in: Our Communities  22nd August 2015
"I’d suggest that, with a few exceptions, our battles don’t lie so much in the areas of formal rights, like the right to get married, but in changing social attitudes," writes Michael Stevens.

 Richard Tankersley: Our journey is ongoing
Posted in: Our Communities  20th August 2015
Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley says the reality is that our journey towards the full realisation of human rights for LGBTI New Zealanders is ongoing.

 How far have we come? Not very.
Posted in: Our Communities  19th August 2015
“There are many who see trans issues as having been thrown under the bus by a community blinded by its own fabulosity,” writes Kelly Ellis, in our two years on from marriage equality in NZ series.

 Since marriage: How far have we come?
Posted in: Our Communities  19th August 2015
Today marks two years since the first same-sex couples married in New Zealand. It was huge for many of us – but does it mean everything is perfect for our communities now? Well, no.

 Ak Outgames: Inflexibility and lack of communication
Posted in: Out Games News, Our Communities  18th August 2015
With the future of February's Auckland Outgames due to be decided tonight the event's regional governing body has voiced considerable dissatisfaction with the now-resigned board of Auckland Outgames 2016 Inc.