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Tuesday 28 June 2016

 The Samoa Observer's apology - word for word
Posted in: International News, Our Communities  20th June 2016
Here's the full text of the explanation and apology offered by the paper's Editor-In-Chief following outrage over the paper printing a young transwoman's body on its front page.

 Lives do matter
Posted in: Our Communities  19th June 2016
Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley: "The reality is that the world doesn’t even know about the clubbers at La Madame: and that’s the challenge.This is because our systems, such as the mass media and our own networks, streamline what is deemed to be worthy or important."

 Seven startling facts about our homeless glbti youth
Posted in: Our Communities  18th June 2016
In this day and age young glbti people are still being kicked out of their family homes when they come out to their parents. Their lives are bloody tough, as these seven facts illustrate...

 10.30PM: Gunman not gay? "God hates fags" group arrives for funerals
Posted in: Our Communities  17th June 2016
10.30PM Friday: FBI: Orlando gunman may not be gay after all. Gay-hating Baptist church members arrive for funerals. Trump ambushed by glbti activists.

 Do some lives count more than others?
Posted in: Our Communities  16th June 2016
At the Auckland vigil to honour the 49 killed in Orlando, nobody offered a thought to those who were killed in a grotesquely similar scenario in Mexico. Nobody knew.

 Donations needed here at home
Posted in: Our Communities  15th June 2016
"We have our own Orlando in NZ, just not in one tragic incident. It’s spread out across our communities, people we can name and those we can’t because they never had a chance to be part of our communities.

 Editorial: 24 years later, a different approach from the NZRU
Posted in: Our Communities  4th June 2016
NZ sports codes, including rugby, have finally, formally embraced gay people... it's a world away from a rugby vs gays incident back in 1992.

 The position of Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
Posted in: Our Communities  2nd June 2016
Takataapui (Rainbow Community Māori) are, and have always been, part of the whānau - which is to say, part of Māori culture.

 Gillman-Harris murder - The Sentencing
Posted in: Our Communities  24th May 2016
In his sentencing of two youths for murdering Ihaia Gillman-Harris the judge took into account the pair's immaturity and deeply troubled lives.

 Coming Out of Religion
Posted in: Our Communities  19th May 2016
After the recent decision of the Anglican Church to maintain the status quo of refusing acceptance and equality for LGBTI people, we are faced yet again with the whole religious dilemma.