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Monday 03 August 2015

 Gender neutral - "have we gone mad?"
Posted in: Our Communities  2nd August 2015
“If we continue to allow this kind of thinking, we have the potential for a really pissed off cisgender population telling us where to go,” asserts trans woman and retired teacher Diane Sparkes.

 Caitlyn, Laverne and Janet: a NZ trans woman's thoughts
Posted in: Our Communities  20th July 2015
Wellington's Shelley Te Waiariki Howard writes on how high-profile trans women in the US are raising both awareness, and unrealistic expectations.

 Jennifer Shields: this standard is insufficient
Posted in: Our Communities  17th July 2015
"Statistics NZ, the media, and now also the NZ Human Rights Commission are all hailing this as a success, a world first. All this shows is that our concerns have not been heard."

 Counting down to 30 years: Flash Back - Homosexual Law Reform
Posted in: Our Communities  9th July 2015
It's 29 years since Homosexual Law Reform passed. As the community prepares for the major 30 year milestone next year, a powerful video has been released featuring footage from the crucial time in our history.

 Auckland Pride responds: part three
Posted in: Our Communities  4th July 2015
In the final part of our chat with Auckland Pride, we look back at this year’s Festival, including the No Pride in Prisons protest and the Proud party, then look ahead to next year.

 Auckland Pride responds: part two
Posted in: Our Communities  3rd July 2015
We discuss resourcing, staff and volunteers, plus the contentious issue of corporate cash with Linda Heavey and Paul Patton from Auckland Pride Festival. (Updated 8pm)

 Auckland Pride responds: part one
Posted in: Our Communities  2nd July 2015
We sat down with Auckland Pride Festival Executive Officer Linda Heavey and Board member Paul Patton for a forthright discussion on some of the claims and concerns about the event, and why it seems like they haven’t been engaging with the wider community.

 Comment: So many facts, so much information!
Posted in: Our Communities  1st July 2015
We must ask ourselves why Family First take it upon themselves to challenge the existence of transgender people, a people who want nothing more than to be who they are, writes Diane Sparkes.

 Watch: Tabby Besley on Sunday
Posted in: Our Communities  29th June 2015
Queen's Young Leader award winners Tabby Besley was featured in a Sunday piece where she talks about her important work with InsideOUT.

 Auckland Pride: your feedback
Posted in: Our Communities  25th June 2015
We asked the community to have its say about what it would like to see from future Auckland Pride Festivals. Here are some of your comments.