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Thursday 28 May 2015

 Midlife and beyond: ageing in the gay community
Posted in: Our Communities  28th May 2015
"Gay male culture conflates beauty and desirability with youth. Self-worth is therefore centred on appearance. Our community’s older members are often destined for the aforementioned invisibility."

 Pink Shirt Day remains about lgbti bullying, Foundation says
Posted in: Our Communities  21st May 2015
Has Pink Shirt Day gone back into the closet? No way, says the Mental Health Foundation. Chief Executive Judi Clements says that’s definitely not the case.

 Comment: A way to fund gender reassignment surgery
Posted in: Our Communities  20th May 2015
Trans woman and rights advocate Allyson Hamblett would love to set up a system which would pay for trans people to have surgery, and allow them to pay the cash back in a way they can afford.

 Comment: "A black day" for trans people in NZ
Posted in: Our Communities  19th May 2015
Agender President Lynda Whitehead says it’s a black day for all trans people in Aotearoa. “We have been hit with a double whammy by the New Zealand Government”.

 Nothing but aroha: Lee and Sandra's wedding
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions, Our Communities  18th May 2015’s Jay Bennie attended the Rotorua wedding of Lee Bransden and Sandra Yates. He writes of a day that was all about love.

 "I'm asking for your help"
Posted in: Our Communities  14th May 2015
Jennifer Shields is among a multitude of trans New Zealanders faced with a long, long waiting list for surgeries that just aren't happening. She's asking for your help.

 Opinion: It's not about banter - it's about bullying
Posted in: Our Communities  14th May 2015
Associate Professor Mark Henrickson says calling someone ‘queer’ or ‘faggot’ is not a gay problem: it is a straight problem. "It is a problem for heterosexuals."

 Why abuse is not just banter
Posted in: Our Communities  12th May 2015
Jack Cottrell, who is gay and a rugby ref, says he hasn't heard "a lazier, crappier justification for hurting people than 'it's just banter.'" And says "it's not just banter. It's abuse."

 Study: NZ athletes most likely to hide sexuality
Posted in: Our Communities  10th May 2015
A study into homophobia in sport has found gay and bi New Zealand athletes are more likely to hide their sexuality than those from five other major English speaking nations.

 Transgender reality
Posted in: Our Communities  7th May 2015
In part one of this series, Diane Sparkes discussed transgender acceptance. Now she takes on reality.