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Wednesday 03 September 2014

 GALS have a ball in Dublin
Posted in: Our Communities  2nd September 2014
Twenty five members of Auckland's Gay and Lesbian Singers have recently returned from Dublin where they participated in a huge queer singing festival, Various Voices.

 Aucklanders: Your pics are needed!
Posted in: Our Communities  4th August 2014
Auckland Council needs photos to make its strategic framework for rainbow communities look fabulous. Can you help?

 The new kids on the block: EquAsian
Posted in: Our Communities  27th July 2014
A new group is rallying together to give lgbti Asian people a voice, support, and a fun social space. "We can't speak for everyone, but we can start somewhere."

 Kelly Ellis: We're not fools. We know hate when we see it
Posted in: Our Communities  18th July 2014
Effectively we’re being told that we’re in the tent, but it would be too controversial to give us the stamp on the hand that would legitimise our entry. Without proper identification as humans in the tent, we have to argue with the bouncers.

 Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
Posted in: Our Communities  16th July 2014
How common it is for a beautiful princess to get rescued ... But why does it resonate with gay people? Why do we often feel trapped, confined, waiting for some magical rescue?

 Gender Identity: Rainbow Wellington's submission
Posted in: Our Communities  14th July 2014
Since submissions won't be heard on the bid to have gender identity included specifically in the Human Rights Act, we're sharing them here.

 #dayofsilence selfies
Posted in: Our Communities  27th June 2014
People throughout the country are taking part in a Day of Silence - to reflect the silence of many queer and trans people about their identity as a result of bullying and discrimination.

 Report from Mr Australasia Bear 2014
Posted in: Our Communities  24th June 2014
Mr Urge NZ Bear for 2014, Gary Edwards, travelled to Melbourne to compete at Southern Hibearnation for the title of Mr Australasia Bear 2014.

 The Gift of Giving
Posted in: Our Communities  22nd June 2014
At the close of Volunteer Week, Alexander Lowë pays tribute to our community volunteers and discusses how being a volunteer has helped in his own life.

 On 100% OK: Toni Duder
Posted in: Our Communities  20th June 2014
Rainbow Youth’s Toni Duder hopes the 100% OK campaign will help make an impact on things like being able to go to the doctor without it being assumed she is straight and needs condoms.