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Saturday 30 April 2016

 The Bangladesh Tragedy
Posted in: People  30th April 2016
On April 25, 2016, the editor of Bangladesh's LGBTI Roopban magazine was murdered by assailants subsequently revealed to have been from the Bangladeshi affiliate of al-Qaeda. What is the backstory behind this tragedy?

 "Marry me Chris Warner?"
Posted in: Entertainment  29th April 2016
At twenty years old, James Malcolm is already a Billy T Award nominee and one hell of a funny guy. We chat to him about falling in love with Chris Warner, cracking jokes and coming out in the most appropriate of ways.

 The legend of Prince
Posted in: People  28th April 2016
The world is mourning the death of music legend, Prince, who passed away last week. The androgynous, LGBTI icon pushed the boundaries of gender and will forever be remembered for his eclectic style and his unique fusion of rock, funk, pop and R&B.

 Preview: Inside the Chinese Closet
Posted in: Movies  27th April 2016
Inside the Chinese Cloest follows the story of a Shanghai gay man and lesbian woman who both attend a fake marriage fair in the hopes of finding someone of the opposite sex to marry.

 Reassignment Surgery in New Zealand: A National Scandal
Posted in: Comment  26th April 2016
Although the Special High Cost Treatment Pool is supposed to fund minuscule numbers of reassignment surgeries for New Zealand transpeople, surgeons aren't even doing that.

 Dakota Hemmingson's day in court
Posted in: Comment  22nd April 2016
There has been an important preliminary development in Dakota Hemmingson's anti-transgender employment relations hearing, and the Ministry of Health has put out a document about reassignment surgery.

 Part One: Surrogacy, at home and abroad.
Posted in: Features  21st April 2016
Green MP, Kevin Hague currently has a Bill in the house that touches on issues of surrogacy. A very topical issue, we delve into the issues surrounding surrogacy, at home and abroad.

 History Never Repeats
Posted in: Comment  20th April 2016
More than three years after it was passed in New Zealand, why is Family First still droning on about marriage equality, however selectively?

 Queering the Auckland Writer's Festival
Posted in: Entertainment  19th April 2016
The Auckland Writers Festival is back for another year, we take a look at three LGBTI writers to check out this year.

 Takanini Trouble?
Posted in: Comment  18th April 2016
Bad news. It seems that the ex-gay group Exodus Ministries New Zealand is not as dead as many of us thought.

 Two Naked Gay Guys
Posted in: Entertainment  15th April 2016
Two Naked Gay Guys is a new LGBTI comedy web-series, following two gay guys who meet up for a one-off no strings attacked hook-up, only to find that one time isn’t enough. We chat to brains behind the series, filmmaker Conan McKegg.

 Rainbow Youth's big, bright, new home
Posted in: Our Communities  14th April 2016
It's a little hard to find at the moment. But the big new home of Auckland's Rainbow Youth organisation are set to become a major player in glbti life in the Queen city and further afield.

 The Deregistration Game (Round II)?
Posted in: Comment  14th April 2016

Posted in: Performance  13th April 2016
We talk to emerging choreographer, Caitlin Davey, about the Basement’s latest contemporary dance offering, Fabricate.

 American (Wrong) Way
Posted in: Comment  11th April 2016
In the United States, several US states have passed either service provider discrimination or anti-transgender legislation recently. Here's a brief summary of the offending states.