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Saturday 30 August 2014

 Transgender refugee says NZ's paradise
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Features  30th August 2014
A transgender refugee from Colombia who was knocked back by other countries says she has "found paradise" in New Zealand after being officially recognised as a woman.

 Bingham Cup: Falcons day 1 match report
Posted in: Events  29th August 2014
UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Game day one of the Bingham Cup saw some of the hardest rain of the week, quickly transforming the fields to moulded mud with game after hard-played game.

 Highlights: AUSA Pride Debate
Posted in: Features  28th August 2014
Check out our rundown of the GLBTI election debate that was held as part of Auckland University's Pride Week.

 Review: Earnest
Posted in: Performance  28th August 2014
This subversive reinvention of Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest is bold, flashy, campy and quite delicious.

 Three gender options: they already exist
Posted in: Features  28th August 2014
An incorrect report that Labour’s Rainbow election policy includes a push for three gender options on driver’s licences and passports has prompted transphobic disgust and outrage.

 Comment: Sledgehammer(ed)?
Posted in: Comment  28th August 2014
Dirty Politics is a dramatic reassertion of citizen involvement in New Zealand politics. Is it directly relevant to LGBT communities?

 Reimagining Earnest
Posted in: Performance  27th August 2014
Take one ingeniously witty Oscar Wilde play, set it in 1950s London, add an all-male cast and Cher’s greatest hits!

 Sydney fills the Bingham Cup with love
Posted in: Events  27th August 2014
As it boils down to the fields of battle, let’s catch up on how the Harbour City is welcoming this unique sporting celebration.

 Review: Wine Lips
Posted in: Performance  27th August 2014
Gay writer and director Sam Brooks' examination of a relationship on the brink is an intimate and bitter-sweet treat.

 Election priorities: 5 for '14
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  27th August 2014
The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Research Group election priorities include a funded HPV vaccine, safer general practices and the collection of stats.

 Comment: Your own personal Jesus
Posted in: Features  27th August 2014
"Can we also find peace, strength, support and inspiration in spirituality? Are we equally welcomed and fully embraced by religious institutions along with heterosexuals?"

 MKR NZ cooks up a sexuality storm
Posted in: Television  25th August 2014
After the first episode of New Zealand’s My Kitchen Rules, the sexuality of a pair of “social media buddies” is, kinda weirdly, as hot a topic as the food.

 Whaledump and Whale Oil - a gay reading
Posted in: Features, Politics and Religion  24th August 2014
A guide to the casually and even callously homophobic world of Whale Oil and the Whaledump conversations...

 Bingham Cup here we come!
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd August 2014
Bingham Cup festivities begin on Sunday with welcome drinks. We profile a pair of Falcons players to get you warmed up.

 Pride week @ Akl Uni
Posted in: Events  21st August 2014
A pre-election forum, a panel on homophobia in sport and a screening of Priscilla .. so much is happening at Auckland University's Pride Week! Starts Monday!