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Friday 27 February 2015

 Review: GALS Pride Festival concert
Posted in: Performance  27th February 2015
A great concert, with GALS doing what they do best... singing with passion, cohesivenes and moments of stunning beauty

 Louisa Wall’s address to Regional Dialogue on LGBTI Rights
Posted in: Features  27th February 2015
Marriage equality champion and Labour MP Louisa Wall is in Thailand for a Regional Dialogue on LGBTI Rights.

 Daily Auckland Pride Guide
Posted in: Events  27th February 2015
RainbowYOUTH has a pop-up quiz night, there's a party at Garnet Station, shows at XOX Pride and Bare is showing.

 Dr Jared Mackley-Crump: Conversations we need to have
Posted in: Our Communities  26th February 2015
"The disturbingly narrow backlash that has been expressed so far has almost completely silenced and overwhelmed any real attempt to discuss the issues rationally and attempt an understanding of motive."

 The Curtain Falls: Final Defeat of the Manukau Anti-Sexworker Bill
Posted in: Comment, Features  26th February 2015
Parliament has finally voted down the controversial transphobic and anti-sexworker Manukau City Bill, after four years of stalemate and arduous conflict.

 On a Different Conversation
Posted in: Our Communities  26th February 2015
A conversation between lgbtiq families and an organisation that has its kaupapa in Pentecostal and Evangelical Christianity ... Lexie Matheson tells us how it went.

 Ak Pride Parade: First fifteen
Posted in: Events  24th February 2015
A random summing up of some of the frivolous and fantastic aspects of Saturday night's Auckland Pride Parade - from best drag newbie to the nastiest act and biggest balloon budget.

 Lee Krystlle's first Pride march
Posted in: Events  24th February 2015
"I was the float myself and I marched loud and proud!!!" says Lee Krystlle, who is buzzing from the experience of overcoming her fears and walking in the Auckland Pride Parade.

 Comment: Gay Privilege
Posted in: Our Communities  24th February 2015
"I hear you. Loud and clear, I hear your struggles and marginalization from society as a whole and those whom you should be able to call 'family'," writes Robbie van Dijk.

 A witness account of the Pride protest
Posted in: Our Communities  23rd February 2015
Steven Oates and friends were on a hotel balcony during Saturday night’s Parade, and witnessed the protest in its entirety. He disputes accounts from the protest group about what happened.

 Review: Bare (The Musical)
Posted in: Performance  23rd February 2015
"Several aspects resonated with me particularly," writes Craig Hoyle. "The young teen torn between his religion and his sexuality, and the refusal by his family to acknowledge their son was different."

 Statement: No Pride in Prisons explains
Posted in: Features  23rd February 2015
"We are a group of queer and trans activists who did not want to see the violence of the settler colonial state ‘pinkwashed’ by the inclusion of uniformed Police and Corrections officers."

 Natural Law: Homophobia's Iron Curtain
Posted in: Comment  22nd February 2015
I used to review anti-gay literature regularly in this column and its predecessors, but as with Christian Right antigay initiatives itself, the despicable genre seems to be dying. Why is this?

 Editorial: A Pride Parade to remember
Posted in: Our Communities  21st February 2015
Tonight the Auckland Pride Parade found its mojo, vividly celebrating of the spirit which resides within every glbti person in the land, even those who have yet to acknowledge or release that spirit.

 Auckland Pride Parade live
Posted in: Events  21st February 2015
We were live from Ponsonby with pictures, updates and colour at the third Auckland Pride Parade.