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Monday 08 February 2016

 Inertial Conservatism (Recalibrated)
Posted in: Comment  5th February 2016

 Review: No More Dancing In The Good Room
Posted in: Performance  3rd February 2016
A coming out story at once like every other and still like no other... Chris Parker is compelling and magnificent and every glbti person should experience this tour de force show.

 The US Christian Right's New Tactics
Posted in: Comment  3rd February 2016
In the United States, the National Centre for Transgender Equality has alerted its catchment to the US Christian Right's latest target.

 One night at the old Staircase
Posted in: Performance  2nd February 2016
As the Staircase party looms Bertha The Beast recounts a Saturday night drag show at one of the NZ's most fondly-remembered gay venues.

 What to expect: Proud to Play
Posted in: Events  31st January 2016
Registrations for Proud to Play close today and things are starting to take shape ahead of the big Auckland sporting festival.

 When in Rome...? (or Athens)
Posted in: Comment  31st January 2016

 LarzRanda Bares All
Posted in: People  30th January 2016
"I remember someone suggesting exposing my chest and thinking it would feel really right because rapping the lyrics had already made me feel really bare.”

 Top picks with AKL Pride Fest curator Ta'i Paitai
Posted in: Events  29th January 2016
The man behind this year’s Auckland Pride Festival, curator Ta’i Paitai, took a few minutes out of a very busy schedule to chat to us about diversity in the lineup and what not to miss when planning your Pride.

 Stuck in the Middle? Germany and Marriage Equality
Posted in: Comment  28th January 2016

 Making the hard decision against Corrections
Posted in: Events  27th January 2016
An Auckland Pride Festival board member talks us through the controversial and difficult decision to exclude Corrections as an organisation from the Auckland Pride Parade

 Ak Pride 'final' schedule (as at 27 Jan.)
Posted in: Events  27th January 2016
The latest version of the Ak Pride Festival schedule seems definitive so it's time to bite the bullet in the hope that this is the version we should present to you.

 The other side of the coin: Youth involvement in Pride
Posted in: Our Communities  27th January 2016
Duncan Matthews, General Manager of RainbowYOUTH, responds to criticism that youth aren't stepping up for Pride.

 India and Section 377: The Struggle Continues
Posted in: Comment  26th January 2016
It seems that Section 377 of the colonial era Indian Criminal Code may not last out the tenure of the current federal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.

 Contrasts of past and future
Posted in: Events  26th January 2016
Two striking video works exploring gender and urban Polynesian life were unveiled last evening in a precursor to the Ak Pride festival.

 Identity, angst & unrequited love
Posted in: Music  24th January 2016
Check out local rapper LarzRanda's new groundbreaking video for his song Turtles!