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Saturday 01 October 2016

 Remembering Carol: teacher, glbti advocate, friend
Posted in: People  30th September 2016
Generations of queer secondary students, and family and friends, have had their lives uplifted, enriched and guided by a remarkable and inspirational teacher who never backed off when it came to being queer.

 HIV prevention: It's time for a change
Posted in: Health & HIV, Our Communities  29th September 2016
Year by year there are more and more gay and bi men being diagnosed with HIV, it's reached record levels. What's the new boss of the NZAF, the main agency charged with dealing with our HIV epidemic, going to do about it?

 Leading from the head and the heart
Posted in: Health & HIV, Community  28th September 2016
The first gay man to head the NZ AIDS Foundation in fifteen years talks about how his sexuality is integral to how he sees his job and the work ahead.

 ITANZ submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child
Posted in: Our Communities  24th September 2016
Take a read of the submission from the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa New Zealand (ITANZ) to the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

 P&R: Dead End?
Posted in: Comment  23rd September 2016
What is the New Zealand Christian Right up to, and how do we interpret its current behaviour?

 Intersex Genital Mutilation in New Zealand: A Shameful Silence
Posted in: Our Communities  23rd September 2016
Why are medically unnecessary and potentially harmful involuntary 'remedial' surgeries still being carried out on intersex infants in New Zealand?

 Signing in and hooking up
Posted in: Performance  22nd September 2016
Hook-up boys is the sexy, and slightly dirty, new play by Bruce Brown that brings to the stage the stories about the apps, snaps and hookups that heavily feature in the modern gay experience. We chat to Bruce about sex, connection and hooking up.

 Succession and Strategy
Posted in: Features, Comment  21st September 2016
The current parliamentary term has seen a reduction in the number of 'rainbow'/LGBTI Members of Parliament. How do we reverse this trend?

 NZ questioned on rights of intersex children at UN CRC
Posted in: Our Communities  19th September 2016
Last week representatives of the New Zealand government were questioned at the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in regards to the rights and care of intersex children.

 Meet LGBTI healthcare advocate Zoe Brownlie
Posted in: People  16th September 2016
LGBTI ally Zoe Brownlie is running for the Auckland District Health Board. Passionate about healthcare specific to rainbow communities, we chat to Zoe about what issues need addressing and how this can be done.

 Political Scandal: A Tale of Two Politicians
Posted in: Comment  16th September 2016
Often, political scandals are viewed with annoyance and resentment by political parties and serious political commentators. However, is this because of a lack of systematic thought about what they do signify?

 Truvada and Access: A Further Update
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th September 2016

 Eggplants and peaches and condoms, oh my!
Posted in: Our Communities  15th September 2016
There’s no little cute emoji to help you out when you want to make sure you’re on the same wave length with your potential partner and keen to wrap a condom on your eggplant. Sign the petition to add a bit of safe-sex to your sexting.

 Trump and the "Alt Right"
Posted in: Comment  15th September 2016

 Review: Brian Lewis Wolfenden's Witnesses
Posted in: Books  13th September 2016
Every ten years or so, since 1967, British LGBT communities commemorate the passage of the Act which inaugurated the beginnings of decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales. Therein lies a tale.