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Monday 30 May 2016

 Grieving for Ihaia, a special brother
Posted in: Features  27th May 2016
Sharon Harris remembers her brother, Ihaia Gillman-Harris - and the day she heard he was dead after being beaten up by two young guys in an Auckland motel

 Unreal "Women" of Transphobia
Posted in: Comment  27th May 2016
Why is Family First emulating bottom-of-the-barrel US Christian Right anti-transgender tactics in its neverending fearmongering campaign against transgender rights? Case in point: imaginary 'transgender sexual predators.'

 In court: The major players
Posted in: People, Features  26th May 2016
In the coming days will bring you a series features based on the death of Ihaia Gillman-Harris and his murderers' trial. Here's a run-down of the main players who appeared in court.

 "Thank you Shaun"
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  25th May 2016
David Friar, Chair of the NZ AIDS Foundation, publicly thanks the organisation's just-departed Executive Director Shaun Robertson for his "outstanding contribution" to the fight against the HIV epidemic...

 Gillman-Harris murder - The Sentencing
Posted in: Our Communities  24th May 2016
In his sentencing of two youths for murdering Ihaia Gillman-Harris the judge took into account the pair's immaturity and deeply troubled lives.

 Transphobia, Toilets and ...Nuclear War?!
Posted in: Comment  23rd May 2016
Why have sections of the US Christian Right apparently lost all rationality when it comes to transgender child health and safety at school?

 My Life Before Law Reform: Peter Wells
Posted in: People  23rd May 2016
"Anger is what I remember most about the pre-HLR days."

 Looking back and looking forward
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  22nd May 2016
Departed NZAF boss Shaun Robinson looks back on his five years at the helm of a once-troubled organisation... and he looks forward to work yet to be done to halt HIV in its tracks.

 Coming Out of Religion
Posted in: Our Communities  19th May 2016
After the recent decision of the Anglican Church to maintain the status quo of refusing acceptance and equality for LGBTI people, we are faced yet again with the whole religious dilemma.

 Technology for change
Posted in: People  18th May 2016
Lydia Watson, Joanna Li and Piper Whitehe are three very talented students from Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland, who have created Loocation, an app that has the potential to be a game-changer for gender-diverse people in the city.

 Nature Abhors an Evidential Vacuum?
Posted in: Comment  18th May 2016
With the news that an Auckland new entrants school has developed gender-neutral facilities for a transgender girl and that her classmates have no problem with that development, Bob McCoskrie has predictably denounced this breach of quaint, polarised conservative Christian gender "rules."

 Communities and people will end HIV in NZ
Posted in: HIV  17th May 2016
In his final speech for the annual Candlelight Memorial services the NZAF's Shaun Robinson urged our glbti communities to draw on our experience of loss and work together to end the HIV epidemic.

 Germany: Historic Offences v Asylum Policy
Posted in: Comment  16th May 2016
Although Germany's Christian Democrat/Social Democrat "grand coalition" government won't legislate for marriage equality, it seems that it is open to other pro-LGBT legislative reforms.

 More than marriage
Posted in: Our Communities  14th May 2016
The Anglican Church will continue to ignore the lives and relationships of sexual and gender minorities, and to hope we go away.

 The future is bright
Posted in: Community  12th May 2016
Aych McArdle is a tireless community worker and a familiar face in the LGBTI communities. We chat to them as they prepare to head to Geneva for a Human Rights Defenders programme.