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Saturday 20 September 2014

 Sex, lies and videotape: Queer NZ bird stories
Posted in: Our Communities, Features  20th September 2014
Lesbian albatrosses, gay kokakos, bisexual takahe and transgender bellbird - the New Zealand bird community is as unique and diverse as the New Zealand LGBT community.

 LAGANZ mark Queer History Month
Posted in: Our Communities  19th September 2014
The Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ) are hosting a special event at the National Library on Wednesday to mark Queer History Month.

 Satire: Meet the McCardles
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Features  19th September 2014
Need a laugh? Check out this video of a ‘straight couple’ who have been totally ‘cured’ of being gay. Yeah ... totally ‘cured’.

 Blighted oranges: More lessons from Australia
Posted in: Comment  19th September 2014
Craig Young says conservative Christian microparties are highly irresponsible, sectional and fractious organisations and shouldn't be entrusted with mainstream political power.

 The HIV epidemic - where are we at?
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  17th September 2014
NZAF's Shaun Robinson talks about the latest trends, condom use, developments in testing and diagnosis, impact of treatment on prevention and emerging findings about PrEP.

 Watch: Urzila Carlson's TED Talk
Posted in: Hall of Fame  16th September 2014
Urzila talks about her life, how she came to be a comedian plus her philosophy on giving things a go and having no regrets. "As long as you suck in air you have opportunity at your door!"

 UniQ Waikato 2014 Pride guide
Posted in: Our Communities  15th September 2014
Pride Week begins at UniQ Waikato with a screening of the film Intersexion, and also includes a ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch’ event, a sex talk and a quiz night. All events are free. Find out more here.

 Now showing: Undertow
Posted in: Movies  15th September 2014
Acclaimed Peruvian lgbti film Undertow is showing free across the country as part of the Latin America & Spain Film Festival.

 Obituary: Ian Paisley (1926-2014)
Posted in: Comment  14th September 2014
Ian Paisley, former leader of the anti-gay Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, has died from cardiovascular complications at eighty-eight. Craig Young reviews his controversial life and political career.

 Comment: (Not Sweet At All) Charity
Posted in: Comment  13th September 2014
The Supreme Court has overturned a string of decisions at lower jurisdictions; in this case, related to Greenpeace and its exclusion from the Charities Act 2004. As Family First was also excluded, what does this now mean?

 "Why is it so important to vote?"
Posted in: Features  13th September 2014
We asked a range of people a simple question, ‘why is it so important to vote?’ A week from Election Day, they share their thoughts on why your voice matters.

 Sleaze, bullying and smears at Mr Gay World
Posted in: Our Communities  11th September 2014
Mr Gay New Zealand wasn't the only man to prematurely leave the Mr Gay World contest... so did Mr Gay Australia. Chris Glebatsas explains why and expresses support for Mr Gay NZ.

 Off the Wall: Decoding the 'gay' code
Posted in: NZ Writing  10th September 2014
"It would be natural that eyes reveal a man's sexuality. That mystical gay gaze. Something just happens when you catch a guy's eye and you then instantly 'know'."

 Steve Taylor and the Name Suppression Debate
Posted in: Comment  10th September 2014
Just when the Conservative Party might slither over the five percent threshold, is it going to be wrongfooted by one of its own candidates?

 Gay Ski Week 2014: in pictures
Posted in: Events  7th September 2014
Legions of revellers with rather tired bodies and sore heads are heading home from a stellar Gay Ski Week in Queenstown. We look back at just some of the many highlights and mad moments.