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Wednesday 26 November 2014

 Reclaiming the word, or bringing back the pain?
Posted in: Our Communities  26th November 2014
Retired teacher and trans woman Diane Sparkes doesn’t believe we should be reclaiming words like queer and faggot. She says for some, the pain of those words are not easily forgotten.

 Roy and Chargn's double act
Posted in: Books, Performance  25th November 2014
Auckland couple Roy Ward and Chargn Keenan are a busy pair: they're both working on Victor Rodger play At The Wake and have also opened a new bookstore in K’ Rd’s St Kevin's Arcade.

 Review: GALS' A Night Out
Posted in: Performance  25th November 2014
GALS changed concert format generally missed the mark but there were some standout performances and moments of musical excellence.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Clint Woolly
Posted in: Our Communities  24th November 2014
Former Rainbow Youth board member Clint Woolly’s video for Rainbow Youth’s 25th birthday was so gorgeous we just had to share it.

 Short film Sunday: Natives
Posted in: Movies  23rd November 2014
What better way to relax on a Sunday than watching a gem of an lgbt film? We're starting a new Sunday short film series with Natives.

 The Johnnys: Folsom Prison Blues
Posted in: Music  21st November 2014
Nelson’s all-women Johnny Cash tribute band The Johnnys are headlining Out in the Park in Wellington on Valentine’s Day. Have a listen to their take on Folsom Prison Blues!

 A safer place to call home
Posted in: True Stories  20th November 2014
Now settled in Auckland, Colombian refugee Eliana Rubashkyn says it’s wonderful to be somewhere where she no longer has to be afraid to be herself.

 Auckland Pride's co-chairs respond
Posted in: Our Communities  19th November 2014
A more complete look at’s interview with Auckland Pride Festival’s co-chairs,in which they discuss his departure of the Festival Director and the Executive Officer role.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Mathijs Lucassen
Posted in: True Stories  19th November 2014
Mathijs Lucassen first became involved with RainbowYOUTH when he moved to Auckland in the mid-90s. Now he is an executive advisor to its board.

 25 years of RainbowYOUTH: Briana's story
Posted in: True Stories  19th November 2014
As we mark RainbowYOUTH's 25th birthday celebrations, 18-year-old Briana tells us what it was like attending for the first time, and what impact the organisation's had.

 The fierce FAFSWAG BALL
Posted in: Events  19th November 2014
Check out some of the stunning images from the amazing FAFSWAG BALL, plus find out who won and who else impressed the judges.

 Review: Laurence Anyways
Posted in: Movies  19th November 2014
Lexie Matheson finds ‘Laurence Anyways’ is ultimately an effective, if somewhat indefinable, cinematic journey.

 Further progress at Auckland University
Posted in: Our Communities  18th November 2014
Jennifer Katherine Shields blogs that Auckland University has committed to making its campus safe for trans, intersex and gender variant staff and students.

 P&R: Send Them Victorious?
Posted in: Comment  18th November 2014
It's decision time for the Labour leadership contenders, given that the outcome of the current leadership contest will be announced today. What should we make of this?

 Editorial: The Pride Board, day 8 under the dome
Posted in: Our Communities  17th November 2014
Eight days since the shock resignation of February's Pride Festival organiser, and confronted by some seriously worrying issues, the Pride Board remains essentially silent.