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Friday 25 April 2014

 A crack up: 2014 Comedy Gala
Posted in: Performance  25th April 2014
There seemed to be running themes of jokes about gays and bums at the Comedy Gala. But, thankfully, not together. In fact the gay community was far from the butt of the jokes, as a couple of straight comedians made fun of homophobes and offered some wicked comebacks.

 Meet: OverWatch members
Posted in: Our Communities  25th April 2014
To mark ANZAC Day, we’re getting to know some of the members of OverWatch a little better. They’ve posted some neat profiles on their Facebook page, and we’re sharing a few.

 Out Takes: Opening night flicks
Posted in: Movies  24th April 2014
The festival team have picked a couple of madcap opening night flicks to make it easy for you to kick things off.

 Parody: Douche to Impress!
Posted in: Music  24th April 2014
PattyBoy has got together with some friends to create a rather silly take on Mika's Dress to Express!

 The Black Swan Project
Posted in: Our Communities  24th April 2014
New Zealand’s Mr Gay World Chris Olwage has launched a project where lgbti people can share their art, and their stories of overcoming adversity. “This is the artsy side of ‘It Gets Better’,” he says.

 A Brazilian treat: Tattoo
Posted in: Movies  23rd April 2014
As we get ready for the feast of glbti films at Out Takes, The Reel Brazil Film Festival has something to whet your appetite in Tattoo, coming to Auckland, Wellington and Nelson.

 Tom Daley visits NZ
Posted in: Hall of Fame  23rd April 2014
Delicious diver Tom Daley has filmed an episode of his show Tom Daley Goes Global, here in New Zealand! Check out some of the pictures from his travels in The Land of the Long White Cloud!

 Coming soon: The Normal Heart
Posted in: Movies  22nd April 2014
Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch and Jim Parsons star in The Normal Heart, which premieres on SoHo next month.

 NZ and gay-o-politics
Posted in: Features  22nd April 2014
"It appears that LGBT rights are looked at selectively and randomly, with foreign policies still following old stereotypes of politic-correctness rather than practicality and effectiveness."

 Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer
Posted in: Television  21st April 2014
Just to help you get through to June, here is a trailer for the next season of the brilliant Orange Is The New Black! Eeek!

 Gender Identity, Louisa's SOP and the Christian Right
Posted in: Comment  20th April 2014
It is long past time that transgender New Zealanders should be given protection from discrimination on the basis of accomodation, employment and service provision. What can we expect Family First and its transphobic ilk to come up with, however?

 No locusts, just love
Posted in: Our Communities  18th April 2014
A year on from Parliament's decision to extend legal marriage to same-sex couples, marriage equality activist Conrad Reyner notes that the world hasn't ended.

 A year on: the magic of April 17, 2013
Posted in: Features  17th April 2014
It's one year since marriage equality legislation spectacularly passed its third and final reading in Parliament. We remember some of the magic moments from that historic day.

 Preserving our history
Posted in: Our Communities  16th April 2014
Do you have pieces of New Zealand’s lgbti history hiding in your home? Or fresh items which could be history in the future?

 Labour/Green: The Case for a "clean" coalition
Posted in: Comment  15th April 2014
David Cunliffe has ruled out any pre-election coalition deal with the Greens. Politics and religion commentator Craig Young looks at the situation from a glbti perspective.