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Saturday 02 August 2014

 AIDS 2014: Views differ on drugs/condoms
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  23rd July 2014
Opinions amongst New Zealand delegates remain somewhat similar and yet also divided after today's AIDS 2014 conference presentations on whether using medical intervention should be used as a significant tool to halt the spread of HIV amongst gay and bisexual men.

 AIDS 2014: NZ sets condom use example
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  22nd July 2014
HIV prevention workers from a number of countries have attended a presentation by New Zealand researchers and safe-sex promoters this afternoon, keen to learn from this country's success in keeping the HIV epidemic from re-exploding as it has in other countries.

 AIDS 2014: Listening, learning and advising
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  19th July 2014
The NZ AIDS Foundation has assembled its biggest-ever presence at a World AIDS Conference, to listen, learn and present its own expertise to the world.

 Global HIV/AIDS plague feeds on discrimination
Posted in: Health & HIV  17th July 2014
Michael Kirby writes: "Unlike plagues of the past, which have often been equalisers, indiscriminately killing nobility and working class, young and old, this modern plague kills very discriminatingly. In fact, it feeds on discrimination."

 Aus: rate of HIV diagnoses remains high
Posted in: International News, Health & HIV  17th July 2014
Australia's rate of new HIV diagnoses remains near the highest level seen in the past 20 years.

 HIV Testing "I thought it was something everyone did"
Posted in: Health & HIV  17th July 2014
HIV positive Australians share their stories in this video which encourages people to take responsibility for their status by taking charge and getting tested regularly.

 NZAF has plenty to offer at AIDS2014
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  16th July 2014
A team from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation will pop across the Tasman to “show the world what works” and soak up the latest developments at the AIDS2014 conference, which begins this Sunday in Melbourne.

 NZAF warns against HIV home testing
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  12th July 2014
Although Australian health authorities have given HIV home-test kits the go-ahead, New Zealand's primary HIV awareness and prevention organisation remains wary of them being used in this country.

 Alert over multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  4th July 2014
Gay and bisexual men are being urged to be vigilant following an alert from Australian health authorities about a new multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea strain.

 Gardasil now free for young HIV+ people
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  1st July 2014
New Pharmac regulations mean Gardasil vaccinations are now free to HIV positive people aged under 26.

 Researchers flying blind without STI stats
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  30th June 2014
A gay and bi men’s sexual health researcher says men who have sex with men remain invisible in STI statistics.

 A few words before moving on: Jason Myers
Posted in: Community, Health & HIV  11th June 2014
As Jason Myers leaves the NZAF, he muses on the concept of community, and issues a firm challenge.

 Comment: Dr Peter Saxton on PrEP
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  1st June 2014
Dr Peter Saxton is surprised at the hyperbole from some PrEP proponents in the United States, and argues that it risks diverting attention from more radical reform.

 The debate: Condoms vs PrEP
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  30th May 2014
Paul Kramer thinks the NZAF needs to “end its conservative assault” on HIV prevention drugs. The NZAF says our condom culture is working.

 The AIDS Quilt panels at rest
Posted in: HIV, Features  18th May 2014
Deep in a Te Papa storage vault the lovingly crafted AIDS Memorial Quilt panels lie in specially made cloth bags. was allowed to visit their final resting place...