Still Sore Losers: Family First Vs Marriage Equality

December 2, 2016 in General

Family First’s Bob McCoskrie is still bleating on about civil marriage equality, three years after the event. Why can’t he just let go?

Marriage equality has now spread across much of the western world, with Central Europe, Germany and Australia the only remaining significant holdouts. Even the last two are on the verge of recognition once a change of government has occurred, whereupon they will join the rest of us in opening secular, civil marriage to same-sex couples. McCoskrie seems obsessed with numerical markers, arguing that the numerical index of uptake of marriage amongst same-sex couples is what ‘should’ determine whether or not such a practice is ‘ethical’ or not. Really? So in that case. ethnic or religious minorities who number even less than that should similarly be unable to recognise committed monogamous relationships according to their ethnic and confessional traditions? Of course not. That would be a grave violation of meaningful religious freedom for no good reason, in the latter context. So, no, an arbitrary numerical index is not the only measure of whether a practice is ‘ethical’ or otherwise.

And who are these mysterious “proponents” of the ‘recognition’ of polygamy within New Zealand? Pray point me to the individuals involved, supportive legal academics and evidence-based research, any media statements, extant lobby organisations, New Zealand Law Commission reports or private members bills that would endorse this? I suspect that McCoskrie cannot do so within the New Zealand context for the simple reason that they do not actually exist in the New Zealand legal and social context. Small, isolated pockets of polyamorists exist in New Zealand, but they do not have any of the prerequisites of effective lobby group organisation and a substantive amount of amenable medical and social scientific research, let alone a private member’s bill demonstrable on this issue.

Give up, Bob. No-one cares and no-one’s listening to you on this issue.

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