Canada/Spain: Bruce La Bruce and His “Obscenity” Exhibition

February 29, 2012 in General

Last year, Kapiti Coast’s “Society for Promotion of Community Standards” tried and failed to get LA¬† Zombie banned before it could screen at the Outtakes film festival in Auckland and Wellington.

Firebrand Canadian independent gay director Bruce La Bruce is back in the news, this time after a conservative Catholic vandal attacked the front window of ¬†his latest exhibition in Madrid, entitled Obscenity, and threatened terrorism against the display. The exhibition opened on February 17 and is a good old-fashioned series of anticlerical images. It uses religious iconography and symbols to explore themes such as censorship, sexual repression and pop culture. Liberal use is made of nuns and communion wafers, exhibitionist priests in high heels flash at the onlooker and there’s a mock pieta.

Of course, Spain’s tiny Catholic Right has been up in arms at all this. The Francisco Franco Foundation is an apologist group that memorialises Spain’s longtime fascist dictator, Franco, and labelled¬† Obscenity “‚Äúa virulent and morbid attack on the Catholic religion.‚Ä̬† On February 24, “¬†Eucharistic Ministry” hosted a demonstration ‚Äúin defence of our Christian roots and the Catholic faith.‚ÄĚ About 50 protesters waved placards and played Christian rock music outside la Fresh. La Fresh refused to bow to this crude and ghastly offence to musical taste, thank goodness. Another Spanish conservative group, Make Yourself Heard, called the project a ‚Äúblasphemous¬†provocation.‚Ä̬†

¬†(Why do I get the feeling that these people don’t watch Madonna, Lady Gaga or Order of Perpetual Indulgence performances all that much? Shades of the vandalism committed by Arthur Skinner’s “Catholic Action” pressure group on occassions here in New Zealand.)


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