Harmless, or Attack of the Longhaired Self-Pleasure Demons!!!

May 7, 2012 in General

Most of the time, I have nothing¬† but¬† contempt¬† for fundamentalism’s¬† parallel popular culture. It was with no surprise whatsoever that I read about the following inanity related to Harmless, which is a fundie horror movie¬†about what befalls a Family when a Box of Porn unleashes long haired self-pleasure demons from their imprisonment, to raven, slay and force them to dress properly and have normal haircuts for a change.¬† Shame it didn’t do anything¬† to¬†improve the cast’s acting skills, which are non-existent. ¬†I have a better idea. Switch the box of porn for a box of fundie propaganda and call it Mindless.


“The Christian horror movie Harmless features a possessed box of porn. No, really” io9: 4.05.2012: http://io9.com/5907431/the-christian-horror-movie-harmless-features-a-possessed-box-of-porn-no-really


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