Wellington, the capital of New Zealand - as much as Aucklanders would like to tell you it should be them! Wellington is deemed the culinary capital of New Zealand and is known affectionately as the windy city - Wind affects Wellington daily!

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Even though Wellington is reasonably small in size compared to Auckland, it has hidden gems and a thriving LGBTQ+ scene. With a variety of gay venues in Wellington, this little city a couple of years ago was hailed the coolest capital in the world by Lonely Planet and is driven by creativity, IT and education. People are open-minded and extremely accepting of alternative lifestyles and the gay wellington scene. This means that whether you are a local or a visitor, people are welcomed everywhere they go.

People may say that the gay party Wellington scene is not as vibrant as many other capitals, but we believe it’s because people no longer feel the need to restrict themselves to just gay venues in Wellington. But rest assured, there are still a variety of places and events that celebrate the rainbow community, so much so that in the creative hub of Wellington CBD they even created a rainbow crossing! Also, if you are a lover of taking Instagram worthy shots, there is a rainbow-coloured umbrella sculpture next to the crossing - a safe and colourful place to take your next selfie!

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